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Headstone Pilgrimage

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Headstone Pilgrimage
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC None
Title Bearer of the Eight Prayers
Repeatable No
Description Somewhere on the island of Zepwell lie the remains of an ancient temple.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Temple of Uggalepih Through the Quicksand Caves
Earth fragment
Fire fragment
Ice fragment
Light fragment
Lightning fragment
Water fragment
Wind fragment


  • Due to the long nature of this mission, it is recommended that you take precautions to ensure that you have received the key items. This mission can take a while, as it requires travel to a lot of different places, some in the far corners of large and dangerous zones. Always ensure that when checking a headstone you receive the message that you obtained the key item. If you did not, check it again until you do.
  • There are two types of headstones, one type only gives the key item, others spawn NMs that you must defeat before you may receive the key item.


  • Dark Fragment:
  • Earth Fragment:
    • Head to (J-9) in Western Altepa Desert, and enter Quicksand Caves. Go to (K-6) and fall down the sandpit. Follow the pathway until you exit back out to the Desert. Move in a southwesterly direction towards (H-8)/(H-9) to locate the headstone.
  • Water Fragment:
    • Go to La Theine Plateau and enter Ordelle's Caves around (F-7).
    • Follow the path east to (I-6) and you'll switch to another map.
    • Continue down the tunnel to (G-8).
    • From there, go east and enter the south tunnel around (H-9).
    • Head up the stairs and south until you reach about (H-11)/(H-12). There is a hole here, drop down.
    • Go east to another tunnel, taking special care not to fall off the cliffs, and head up.
    • Once you get to about (I-6), go south.
    • Continue on until (H-9) and you'll see a tunnel going west, the zone is not far ahead, bringing you back out to La Theine Plateau.
    • The headstone is not too far ahead.
  • Ice Fragment:


  • Fire Fragment:
    • This is very long. If you have a confident White Mage, allow them to go through Ifrit's Cauldron alone. Bring a total of three ice clusters to speed up the flame spouts along the way. In Yuhtunga Jungle, you'll find a one-way drop (the reason you have to run through the Cauldron in the first place). Have your entire party wait there for the WHM (who should sub BLM for this). Once the WHM is through, the rest of the party can commence suicide using various mobs in the area. The WHM can then Tractor people over the ledge, and thus avoiding most of the hassle of Sneaking and Invising people through the whole Cauldron. Alternately, you can just drag everyone through.
    • Enter the Cauldron from (G-6) in Yhoator Jungle. Make your way to (H-8) and stick to the left wall. If you follow the wall, you'll ultimately make it out to the correct exit.
      • Detailed instructions:
        • When you enter, you'll be on Map 4. Head for (H-8) and you'll end up on Map 7.
        • From Map 7, head for (D-12) to continue to Map 5.
        • On Map 5, head for (J-8) to get to Map 2. There is a Flame Spout around (H-6)/(H-7). Either wait it out, or trade an Ice Cluster. Waiting it out is safer, but can take extra time.
        • On Map 2, run to (E-7), and you'll be back on Map 7.
        • On Map 7, make your way to (G-7) to enter Map 8.
        • On Map 8, follow the tunnel to (C-7). This is the exit to Yuhtunga Jungle. There are two Flame Spouts on the way.
    • Near the exit to the jungle, you may run across the Ash Dragon. Your party is likely not able to take it, so be careful. During daytime hours (06:00 to 18:00), it only aggros sound, however during night time, it is True Sound. Take care when passing it, as it will mostly likely spell a wipe for your party.
    • Once outside, gather everyone up and head for a tunnel at (K-7). The headstone is located around (L-6)/(L-7). Check the headstone to spawn two Opo-opo NMs, Carthi and Tipha. They will both aggro, and cannot be slept. Kill both and check the headstone for your key item.
    • Consider taking a Garnet with you on this leg of the mission, as you can trade it to the headstone to receive the Opo-opo Necklace.
  • Lightning Fragment:
    • Head for Behemoth's Dominion and go to (G-9). Clear the area of mobs and check the headstone to spawn two Weapon NMs: Legendary Weapon and Ancient Weapon. Kill them both and check the headstone for your key item.
    • It is possible to kill only one of the NMs, by using the Sneak-pull method. Sneak one member, pull one of the NMs and wait for the other to depop. Kill the original and proceed. Ancient weapon (WAR) is easily binded or gravitied, can solo DOT kill, with occasional nukes, while kiting around King Behemoth spawn area. Ancient Weapon is not aspirable.
  • Wind Fragment:
    • Start off for Cape Teriggan. Head for (F-7) and locate the unmarked hidden tunnel (it is in the same general area as the tunnel to get to the Cloister of Gales). Go north until you come out into another open area, taking another hidden tunnel at (G-5). Follow it until (H-5), where the headstone is located.
    • Check the headstone to pop a Shadow NM named Axesarion the Wanderer. Kill him and check the headstone for your key item.
    • Consider taking a Rain Lily with you on this part of the mission. Trading it to the headstone will earn you a Flagellant's Rope.
  • Light Fragment:
    • Go to The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, around (J-9). Follow the path north, and west when you come to the first open area, and then again to the north. Continue as far north as possible, and go west again. You'll find the headstone in the back at (I-7). This is the same area where Keeper of Halidom can spawn. Check the headstone to spawn a Doomed NM named Doomed Pilgrims. This NM his fairly fast and hard, but should pose little trouble to a well balanced party of 65+. Defeat the NM and check the headstone for the last fragment.
    • Come back to this headstone after completing ZM7: The Chamber of Oracles to receive a Bat Earring.
  • Make sure you have obtained all fragments, otherwise you'll be unable to complete the next mission.
Ordelle's Caves Map 2
Ordelle's Caves Map 1
Ordelle's Caves Map 3
Ifrit's Cauldron map 7
Ifrit's Cauldron map 5
Ifrit's Cauldron map 2
Ifrit's Cauldron map 8

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