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Heroes Combat

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Template for BCNM Editing/Creation

Stellar Fulcrum header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Stellar Fulcrum Level Restriction: 60
Entry Item: Cordial Invite icon.png Cordial Invite Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Title: Superhero  


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Trion 1 Humanoid Paladin 3000 HP. Starts Immediately using Royal Savior. Will buff/cure the others.

Spells: Cure IV, Protect III, Shell II, Banish II, Flash.

Abilities: Invincible, Royal Bash (Shield Bash), Savage Blade, Royal Savior (Protect),

Volker 1 Humanoid Warrior 3000HP. Uses Berserk-Ruf (Warcry) Immediately

Abilities: Mighty Strikes, Red Lotus Blade, Berserk-Ruf (Warcry)

Ajido-Marujido 1 Humanoid Black Magea 3000HP. Will use Ice Spikes Immediately. Spams -aga spells until MP is dry. Melee Attacks stun targets.

Spells: Firaga II, Blizzaga II, Stonega III, Thundaga II, Waterga II, Aeroga II, Ice Spikes

Abilities: Manafont


  • Subjobs will be removed
  • All buffs wear upon entry
  • All Immune to sleep & silence, but susceptible to gravity.
History and Strategies can be found on the Talk page.

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