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Heroines Combat

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Stellar Fulcrum header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Stellar Fulcrum Level Restriction: 60
Entry Item: Martial Ball Invite icon.png Martial Ball Invite Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: -- Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Title: Superheroine  


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Ayame 1 Humanoid Samurai She will skillchain with herself.

Abilities: Meikyo Shisui

Curilla 1 Humanoid Paladin Spells: Flash, Protect III, Shell II, Cure IV

Abilities: Invincible

Prishe 1 Humanoid Monk Abilities: Nullifying Dropkick (with heavy knockback), Auroral Uppercut, and Hundred Fists.
Shantotto 1 Humanoid Black Mage Spells: All -ga II and III spells

Abilities: Manafont


  • Trade the invite to the Qe'Iov Gate at the Stellar Fulcrum to begin "Heroine's Combat".
  • Subjobs will be removed, and buffs will be removed upon entry
  • When the fight starts, you will only fight 2 of the four.
    • After defeating one, a third will drop down.
    • Once all 3 are defeated, the battle is won.



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