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Horns of War

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Battlefield Information
Type: Kindred Seal Notorious Monster
Entry Item: Themis Orb
Zone: Horlais Peak

Participants 18
Time Limit 30 minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Chlevnik Check.gif Behemoth WAR 1

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
32,000 Gil divided evenly Item Reward Chest
Beastly Shank Item Reward Chest
Behemoth Tongue Item Reward Chest
Healing Staff Staff Reward Chest
Unsho Katana Reward Chest
Bayard's Sword Sword Reward Chest
Gawain's Axe Great Axe Reward Chest
Harlequin's Horn Instrument Reward Chest
Angel Lyre Instrument Reward Chest
Dreizack Polearm Reward Chest
Kriegsbeil Axe Reward Chest
Shinsoku Great Katana Reward Chest
Meteor Cesti Hand-to-Hand Reward Chest
Purgatory Mace Club Reward Chest
Nokizaru Shuriken Throwing Reward Chest
Guespiere Sword Reward Chest
Zen Pole Staff Reward Chest
Behemoth Horn Item Reward Chest
Behemoth Hide Item Reward Chest
Angel Skin Item Reward Chest
Beetle Blood Item Reward Chest
Damascene Cloth Item Reward Chest
Damascus Ingot Item Reward Chest
Malboro Fiber Item Reward Chest
Philosopher's Stone Item Reward Chest
Phoenix Feather Item Reward Chest
Raxa Item Reward Chest
Hi-Reraiser Medicine Reward Chest
Hi-Ether +3 Medicine Reward Chest
Hi-Potion +3 Medicine Reward Chest
Icarus Wing Medicine Reward Chest
Agility Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Strength Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Charisma Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Vitality Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Intelligence Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Mind Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Dexterity Potion Medicine Reward Chest


  • Chlevnik is very similar to King Behemoth.
  • This KSNM is easily done with a durable Melee + Healer pair (high HP recommended).
    • Chlevnik's final Meteor cast (used at 1% HP right before death) can do considerable damage and is almost instant.

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