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Howl from the Heavens

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Howl from the Heavens
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Robel-Akbel, Windurst Waters (S)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title The Moon's Companion
Repeatable No
Description As the battered Federation forces prepare to defend their city from the approaching hordes, the inscrutable Robel-Akbel schemes in his dark chambers. What terrible secrets lie behind his mask? Deliver the magicite he seeks, and long-sought truths just may be revealed...
Previous Quest Next Quest
Sins of the Mothers Manifest Destiny
Cobra Staff



  • You need to wait a game day after completing Sins of the Mothers before you can activate this quest.


Castle Oztroja

  • Castle Oztroja is located at (L-8) in Meriphataud Mountains.
  • Enter and head to the door at (I-8). You will see a lever at either side of the door. One lever will open the door and the other will open a trap in the floor and cause you to fall into a pit. There is a very easy way to open this door.
    • Stand between the two levers in front of the door.
    • Select one of the levers
  • On the second floor, head to (G-7) where you will exit into a courtyard.
  • On this map, head north (without falling off) to a door at (I-7).
  • Here follow the right wall until you reach a door at (H-9).
    • The mobs in this area are much higher level then the ones previously encountered.
  • At the door light the torch and you will be taken through.
  • Head South and take a right to another door. Click on the door to open it. The zone is just ahead.
  • Inside you will be in an area with no mobs. Examine the Magicite for the Key Item: Shard of orastone.



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