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Hymnuses are songs that grant a Reraise effect. These songs are usually only used when sacrificing oneself to keep a DoT effect on a mob, or to give the entire party Reraise in emergencies.

  • Reraise effect is analogous to Reraise III (90% EXP restored, player revives with 50% of weakened HP)
  • Unlike Reraise, this effect can be dispelled. Verification Needed
    • Like other songs, it wears off upon zoning.
  • When used with a Reraise spell, Reraise takes priority.
  • Every Hymnus +1 given through equipment increases song duration by 10%.
    • The maximum Hymnus bonus available from equipment is +7.
  • Soul Voice Icon.png Soul Voice doubles the duration of this type of song.
  • Marcato Icon.png Marcato's effect on this type of song increases duration by 50%.

Skill Caps per Spell
Spell Skill Cap Potency Cap
Goddess's Hymnus No Effect Reraise 1

Equipment Modifiers


GjallarhornGjallarhorn (Level 99) description.png Song +2~4
Mass ChalemieMass Chalemie description.png Song +3
LinosLinos description.png Augment-Icon.png Song +1~3
Nibiru HarpNibiru Harp description.png Augment-Icon.png Song +2
Blurred Harp +1Blurred Harp +1 description.png Song +2
Angel LyreAngel Lyre description.png Song +2
Eminent FluteEminent Flute description.png Song +2
Blurred HarpBlurred Harp description.png Song +1
Millennium HornMillennium Horn description.png In Dynamis: Song +2
Homestead FluteHomestead Flute description.png In Reives: Song +2
Forefront FluteForefront Flute description.png In Reives: Song +2


Moonbow Whistle +1Mnbw. Whistle +1 description.png Song +3
Moonbow WhistleMoonbow Whistle description.png Song +2
Brioso WhistleBrioso Whistle description.png Song +1
Note: Unlike most songs, Song + only adds duration and has no other effect.

Song Potency per Bonus

Goddess's Hymnus

Hymnus Icon.png Potency per equipment bonus
Bonus Amount: +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
Reraise: Reraise III strength

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