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This page will serve as a historical repository of articles translated/found before the official release of Campaign notes.

News From Square Enix

Orcish Empire storming a guard tower in Ronfaure
This is the collective term given to the series of battles and border skirmishes waged in the Quon and Mindartian theaters during the Crystal War.

Orcish Empire sieging the ramparts of San d'Oria
All those wishing to serve would enlist with one of the allied army's three main forces--the Kingdom of San d'Oria, the Republic of Bastok, or the Federation of Windurst--to combat the ever-advancing beastmen confederate comprising the Quon Host of the Orcish Empire, the Quadav Shieldwarriors, the Yagudo Theomilitary, and the Shadowlord's Dark Kindred. However, a volunteer's duties were not always limited to direct engagement with the enemy. Campaign Endeavors also extended to tasks such as marches, supply runs, entrenchment and fortification, and cooperative maneuvers with allied forces.

Yagudo Theomilitary preparing an assault on Windurst
It would not be an exaggeration to say it was through a delicate balance of military prowess and comprehensive strategy that these campaigns were ultimately able to lead the allies into victory.

Altana Festival in Osaka: Super Ultimate Complete Guide +1

Courtesy: Elmer the Pointy
Original Source: Article at Impress

First, regarding Campaign, it will be a large-scale system that sets the stage for the battles of Vana’diel’s past. Players from San’dOria’s Royal Army, Bastok’s Republican Forces, or Windurst’s Federation, will all fight together under the Allied Forces of Altana against the Beastman Confederate.

The Wings of the Goddess Region Map. Here you will not use Conquest, but wage battle under the new Campaign system.

It plays out similar to Conquest, with individual battles taking elements from Besieged in Al Zahbi. Mixing these aspects together, Square Enix has created a whole new system for this expansion.

The flow of Campaign basically follow that of Conquest, in that it works on weekly cycles. The division of power for each area changes depending on the outcome of skirmishes between the Allied Forces of Altana and the Beastman Confederate. After a week’s time, each area has its total calculated and the results determine who holds power over which region for the following week. The overall winners or losers will they attain an advantage (or disadvantage) in the coming battles. One example is that those with greater forces will be able to obtain higher rank Campaign Missions. Also, Players will receive “Alliance Points” and experience points based on their performance.

Players reach the past in Wings of the Goddess by travelling through a “Cavernous Maw.” They are located everywhere in Vana’diel, and after fulfilling certain conditions, they can be used free of charge.
Campaign is broken up into four separate events. First, is Campaign Battle. This is when a target area randomly erupts into conflict. Previous screen shots have depicted this event, (such as the Orcs battling in Ronfuare). Basically, you participate in a fight similar to Garrison, but are restricted to a certain area of space like in Besieged.

As for the system governing all of this, instead of Signet or Sanction, there will be a completely new magic cast upon you, which eliminates experience loss upon death. Like Besieged, you can participate as you please from start to finish. Your activity in battle will determine what rewards you receive. It’s perfect for casual users and beginners to jump in and play.

The second type of event is Campaign Missions. These are meant to earn one an advantage in Campaign. If Campaign Battles are like Besieged, then Campaign Missions are more like Assault.

These missions are available based on conditions met through improving rank, war situation, military policy, domestic policy, division of power for areas, and Scout. These missions can also scale to meet the needs of a wider variety of players than Assault, which was generally limited to 3 or more level 50+ players. There are Campaign Missions you can solo, complete with low level players, set to short periods of time, or enjoy without battles. There is much more variation incorporated into the missions this time around.

The system is similar to Assault in that you use tickets to undertake a challenge, but the big difference is that only the Leader’s ticket is used up. Therefore, a party of six players could tackle the same mission six times in a row if they wanted. The rewards boost your “fame” in some way, but the results are unclear. (different than present-day fame)

The third type of event within Campaign is called Scout. Just like the title, you will be seeking out “scout” NPCs unaffiliated with the Allied Forces of Altana in Field Areas and Dungeons. Upon meeting them, you will attempt to convince them to join the Alliance, which can produce beneficial effects for your country. Furthermore, you may just run into some unexpected characters and get a look into their past. It sounds like this particular event will make great use of NPCs.

The fourth event within Campaign is Survey. This system makes use of the opinions of adventurers to determine national policies and military action. Each week, adventurers are tallied, and the results determine the course of action their nation will take the following week. Campaign Battles and Campaign Missions will become available based on the findings from Survey. For instance, questions like, “What areas should we invade?” or “What battle strategies should we employ?” or “What techniques should we develop?” will all have an effect on national policy. It lets the players control the course of the game, and should prove to be a great addition to Campaign.

Sunglasses as reward for Crystal War Revisited

Before the official implementation of Campaign, there is a “rehearsal” planned in the form of an event called, “Crystal War Revisited.” Beginning of November 8th, players will have a chance to compete for a prize of red sunglasses. The victorious nation will also receive a special vendor selling goods exclusive to their homeland. In addition, the World with the greatest results will get a special Tele-point that allows travel between the three nations, not to mention the possibility of “HQ sunglasses.” Adventurers everywhere should be ready to enthusiastically take on this challenge.

Altana Festival in Osaka

Full Report by Elmer the Pointy

Campaign is the “conquest” of the past, a large scale system that governs the two continents. When asked if more people could participate than Besieged, they said the concept was like Conquest in the sense that each individual event had an overall impact on Vana’diel.

Field Areas in the past are called “Campaign Areas,” and their control changes as the war between the Forces of Altana and the Beastman Confederate plays out according to each area’s battle. Over the course of a week, results are totaled from who controls what area and the overall victor gains an advantage for the following week, while the loser will face an uphill battle.

As a part of the Allied Forces of Altana, players can participate in four different events to improve the status of their affiliated nation.

Previous News

Courtesy Elmer The Pointy of BGForum, scanned from October 26th pre-release issue of Famitsu.

  • New Battle System: Campaign
  • Campagnie takes place across Quon and Mindartia, as the Alliance of Altana fights the Beastmen.
  • The enemies are the Shadow Lord's 血盟軍, personal army bound by a blood oath, consisting of Orcs, Yagudo and Quadav, and the Shadow Lord's personal guard.
  • Campagnie will incorporate elements of strategy as you defend various forts across the land.
  • Left Picture is assumed to be Orcs fighting in Ronfuare. They speculate that losing the fort to the Orcs may increase their number in the present-day Ronfuare.
  • Right Picture is assumed to be Yagudo guarding a structure in Sarutabaruta. They wonder if perhaps players will be able to successfully drive out the Yagudo, thus eliminating their presence in present-day Sarutabaruta.

Additional Translation of Dengeki and Famitsu Article by Elmer the Pointy

Various tidbits translated from magazine: (They are not my opinions or guesses, but in some cases not 100% facts. The Lightning Brigade likes to have little conversations and speculate like players. However, the stuff they hint at is usually true because they work with info given by Square Enix)

  • People are lined up near an NPC-like figure in the last picture. Perhaps they are getting ready for Campagnie?
  • They guess the mysterious, dark area is inside the Shrouded Maw, but have no idea where it appears.
  • New Weaponskills were seen, one with an explosion of Flowers, and one with an ice crystal looking effect. Perhaps these can only be performed with weapons obtained in the past? They said in an interview that some items would only manifest their true effects in the past.
  • Man your "I told you so" stations! Dancer will NOT BE FEMALE-ONLY! Square-Enix confirmed "Males can also Job Change to Dancer."
  • Rumors of a new tank-job 力士 Rikishi (Wrestler, Strongman) are circulating amongst adventurers. ((Note: Different from the joke Sumo picture))\

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