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Investigation of the Emptiness

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Investigation of the Emptiness
Required Fame
Level Restriction: Level 30
Starting NPC Adventuring Fellow, Rendezvous Point
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Your Adventuring Fellow has been asked to investigate the Emptiness and would like your assistance.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Past Reflections None
Familiarity level of 35, Cleared CoP Mission: The Mothercrystals
Tactics Pearl, XP for Adventuring Fellow, a Homemade food item


Call your Adventuring Fellow at any city Rendezvous Point, and select the "Let's talk about quests" option. Your Adventuring Fellow will only mention the quest one time, but you will receive the key item: Emptiness investigation note. Go to any of the level 30 Promyvion zones and check the Rendezvous Point there to begin the quest. You will have 45 minutes to find one of the ??? spots in the following locations.

Promyvion Holla Dem Mea Experience Bonus
1st Layer (H-7) (J-12) (F-4) 600
2nd Layer (G-8) (E-9) (F-10) 1000
3rd Layer (E-6) (L-5) (F-6) (G-12) (E-7) (K-9) 1500
4th Layer (L-11) (K-8) (I-5) 3000

Your Adventuring Fellow will get an experience point bonus of 80 XP for each mob that you kill up to 30 mobs, you will also get a bonus for each of the ??? spots that you examine until you chose to end the quest at one of them. The maximum bonus that you can get is 4800. When you select to end the quest, your Adventuring Fellow will give you the option to send you back to the entrance of the Promyvion zone.

Once you have completed the quest, return to a city Rendezvous Point and your Adventuring Fellow will give you a new Tactics Pearl and a piece of homemade food depending on his/her personality type. (If you still have one in your inventory, you will be unable to access any of the options at the Rendezvous Point until you drop it from your inventory.)

If you fail the quest for any reason, you can return to a Rendezvous Point in any of the Promyvion zones after JP midnight to try again. You can start this quest again after a conquest update from when you received the Tactics Pearl.

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