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Iyvah Halohm

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Iyvah Halohm.jpg
Location: Eastern Adoulin - (G-8)
Type: Fame NPC
Description: Indicates the Adoulin fame level of a player via a series of responses

Adoulin fame can be gained by completing Adoulin Quests. Additional quests become accessible at higher levels of fame, which can be checked at Iyvah Halohm. Iyvah will respond with one of the messages below based on your fame level.

Fame NPC Dialog
1 What'd you say your name was? ...(Player Name)? Never heard it before. Prrrobably because it's not worth hearing. Can you even name one herrroic feat you've accomplished here?
2 Your name's...(Player Name)? Sounds vaguely familiar, like some nonsense a derrranged beggar would mutter to himself in the alleyways.
3 Your name's (Player Name), is it? Surrrprisingly enough, I do rrremember hearing it. Too bad I forget why.
4 I'll admit that some people in Adoulin might know your name, but don't let that go to your head. You still haven't prrroven yourself one bit in my eyes.
5 Your name's making the rrrounds in Adoulin. I hear it on the lips of passersby rrrather often.
6 Many Adoulinians marrrvel at what you've done. It won't be long before everyone in town knows your name.
7 You've become a household name thrrroughout the sacred city. Everyone's waiting to hear what amazing feats you'll purrrform next!
8 You've trrruly grabbed your dreams by the scruff and rrripped them from the paws of mediocrity! Not an hour passes without some ≺Multiple Choice (Player Gender)≻[maiden blushing over the mention of your name/man prrrofessing his love for you in the streets.
9 Your name belongs in the annals alongside August Adoulin's as an example of a trrrue hero. Don't let anyone tell you differently!

Fame cannot be risen above 9 at the present time

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