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A secret key that comes with Japanese keyboards and even then is only visible to people of Japanese descent with the Japanese Playonline client installed. It allows players to gain omnipotence. Some say this was nerfed by SE as some NA players are now able to rebel against their Japanese overlords, also known as the Anti-Spirals.

Functions of the JP button:

  • Claim any monster instantly.
  • Defeat any monster instantly.
  • Make any craft result in a HQ.
  • Make any monster drop every single potential item they can, and then some more items.
  • All FFXI knowledge in the universe and all other alternate universes.
  • Grant infinite HP, MP, and gil.
  • To cause anyone but players without the JP Button to disconnect and/or fall into financial ruin.
  • Create FFXI Hentai.
  • In-game and out of game immunity of all laws. Additionally, creates laws and places your GM call in front of all non-JP wielding players.
  • Time travel and teleportation. (Effects can be poorly mimicked by Wyrmazurka (Meme))
  • All of the above

Functions the JP button is unable to perform:

  • Make JP BLMs good.

There is only one picture in existence of the JP button, however, that has not stopped the entire population of Killing Ifrit forum making it their signature without crediting the original photographer(who paid dearly for his crime against the JP).