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July 2009 Version Update Notes

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The Version Update Is Here! (07/21/2009)


The July version update, starring the second of three add-on scenarios, "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat—Evil in Small Doses," is now ready for your downloading pleasure! Prepare to be blown away by a veritable deluge of exciting new content including:
- The continuing episodes of Wings of the Goddess missions.
- The new Campaign element, "Unions."
- An expanded Moblin Maze Mongers.
- Job-related additions and improvements.
...And a whole host more!

Feast your eyes on the details here.

Version Update Sneak Peek (07/17/2009)


In addition to the hoards of adjustments and new content promised thus far, the fast-approaching July version update will boast numerous overall improvements including an upgrade to the /bell command added this past April and scrumptious new synthesis recipes that will leave streets drenched in adventurer drool.

Read on for the details.

Augmented Items Abound! (07/13/2009)


Hear ye, mighty champions of Vana'diel! Have you gazed longingly at the augmented apparel donned by your lower-level peers, wondering when similar equipment would be introduced for those of powers puissant? Consider your wait over! A host of new augmented items designed especially for high-level characters will be one of the many exciting additions in the upcoming version update.

Read on for the details!

"A Moogle Kupo d'Etat—Evil in Small Doses" Trailer Goes Live! (07/10/2009)


The official promotional video for "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat — Evil in Small Doses," the new add-on scenario currently on track for a Monday, July 20th release, is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Get a sneak peek of the new adventure at the official site!

Job Adjustments and Additions Part II (07/09/2009)


As a follow up to last week's article on new ninja job abilities, it is with pleasure that we introduce other job-related additions and adjustments scheduled for the fast-approaching July version update.

Peruse the details here.

"A Moogle Kupo d'Etat—Evil in Small Doses" Now On Sale Via PlayOnline! (07/06/2009)


We're pleased to announce that "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat—Evil in Small Doses," the second in a series of three add-on scenarios for FINAL FANTASY XI, goes on sale starting today, exclusively through PlayOnline!

Follow the "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat" banner on the main PlayOnline FINAL FANTASY XI page to purchase your registration code!

For more details, visit the official site.

* Purchasing users will be able to access the new content with the release of the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update, currently scheduled for late July.
* Users need only purchase one registration code per PlayOnline ID in order to enjoy the new content with all characters on that account.

Job Adjustments and Additions Part I (07/03/2009)


A host of job adjustments and additions are in the pipes for the upcoming version update, including formidable new abilities for ninjas. Other jobs, too, are scheduled to benefit from myriad adjustments to magic and abilities. In this, the first part in the job adjustment series of articles, we cast the spotlight on ninjas, Vana'diel's agents of stealth and deception.

Proceed here to learn how your powers of stealth and assassination might be enhanced!

"A Moogle Kupo d'Etat" Advance Order Details! Official Site Goes Live! (06/29/2009)


Hear ye, hear ye! Heroes and heroines of Vana'diel, know well that advance orders for "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat—Evil in Small Doses" will be accepted via PlayOnline from Monday, July 6th. This add-on scenario, the second of three, spins a tale of Mog House mayhem. What manner of stirring adventures and rich rewards await you this time? Why, just wend your way over to the newly launched official site and see for yourself!

A promotional video and more will grace the site in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest news!

Access the official add-on scenario site here.

*Purchasing users will be able to access the new content with the release of the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update, currently scheduled for late July.

Moblin Maze Mongers Delve Deeper Into Your Heart! (06/26/2009)


Not content to rest on their laurels as the foremost—and only—purveyors of custom dungeons in Vana'diel, the Moblin Maze Mongers have been working overtime on their latest Maze Voucher that will usher in a whole new subterranean adventure in the upcoming version update!

Read on for the scoop on the new service!

Wings of the Goddess Missions! (06/23/2009)


Continuing their escapades in the Vana'diel of the past, Lilisette and her adventurer companion will find themselves at the site of a new stage in the Crystal War: the unforgiving landscape of the frozen north. It is there that steel will ring out against steel, and a new threat will crawl out from the darkness...

Will the future that awaits adventurers on the horizon be one of joy and elation? Or will it be one of death and destruction?

Read on for a glimpse of things to come.

Campaign Gets Reinforcements! (06/15/2009)


Brave warriors of the Allied Forces of Altana, heed these words! New battlefields and new orders await you with the coming of the new version update. Your mission will not be easy, but rest assured that you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

If you would take up arms for the cause, you may read on for your briefing.

Next Version Update Scheduled for Late July! (06/08/2009)


We're pleased to inform you that the upcoming version update is on track for a late July release! The development and quality assurance teams are hard at work cooking up a whole slew of exciting new content that will feature the continuation of the Wings of the Goddess missions, new areas in past Vana'diel, job adjustments, additions and refinements for Campaign and Moblin Maze Mongers, and much, much more.

Details on all the new features will be released here in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes glued to this space!

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