June 2008 Version Update Notes

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The Version Update Is Here! (06/09/2008)


The June version update has arrived! With a plethora of changes and improvements across the board, there is bound to be something for everyone. Here's a quick recap of some of the items we've introduced thus far:
- New missions for the Wings of the Goddess storyline.
- New campaign elements such as additional medals and ranks.
- Battle-related adjustments to elements such as jobs and merit points.
- New content for fellows and chocobo raising.
And a whole lot more!

Read all about it here.

New Notorious Monsters (06/04/2008)


New Notorious Monsters (NMs) will be added to areas introduced in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack in the forthcoming version update, with simplified access to their battlefields.

Proceed here for more details.

Adjustments to Einherjar (06/02/2008)


The next version update will contain a number of changes to the Einherjar venue.

Click here to view all the details.

Battle Adjustments (05/28/2008)


Several adjustments to the battle system are scheduled for the upcoming version update.

Click here for details.

New Additions and Changes to Campaign (05/22/2008)


The next version update will usher in a number of new additions to the Campaign system, as well as several changes to existing elements.

Click here to view an outline of these upcoming alterations!

Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 2) (05/20/2008)


As a part of our continuing efforts to improve the convenience and enjoyment of life in Vana'diel, we plan to introduce several changes that include the appearance of nomad moogles in Selbina and Mhaura, as well as adjustments to the supply quests.

Click here to find out more.

Adjustment and Additions to Fellows (05/15/2008)


Adjustments and additions to fellows have been scheduled for the next version update.

Proceed here for a sneak preview.

Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 1) (05/13/2008)


Comfortable, fuss-free adventuring for all players is one of our biggest priorities. That is why for the next version update, we will be implementing some changes intended to make Vana'dielian living that much more convenient. Over the next few weeks in Topics, we will be giving you sneak previews of these changes, so stay tuned!

Proceed here to find out how your Vana'dielian lifestyle will change!

Wings of the Goddess Missions! (05/09/2008)


As they wander the battlefields of the Crystal War, adventurers will encounter Lilisette, an eccentric dancer who is shadowing the mysterious Cait Sith. Her unprecedented actions will slowly but surely warp the very fabric of the age...

Click here to learn more about the unfolding story of the Wings of the Goddess!

Version Update Notice (04/25/2008)


We are pleased to announce that the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update has been scheduled to take place in early June. The addition of compelling new missions to the Wings of the Goddess storyline will form the heart of this update. Other content includes a new ranking system for Campaign, battle-related tweaks encompassing jobs and merit points, and additions and adjustments to fellows and chocobo raising.

Stay tuned for the latest information on the above additions and changes.

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