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Location: Western Adoulin - (E-8)
Type: Pioneers' Coalition NPCs
Description: Pioneers' Coalition employee.

Sells key items related to harvesting, logging and mining. Critical key items can grant the potential to obtain high-quality items,
while cherished key items grant the ability to occasionally prevent a tools breakage.

Item Name

Price (Bayld)


"Critical Chop" 20,000
"Cherished Axe" 20,000
"Critical Smash" 20,000
"Cherished Pick" 20,000
"Cherished Sickle" 20,000
"Critical Slice" 20,000
"Redoubled Chop" 40,000
"Conservative Chop" 40,000
"Redoubled Smash" 40,000
"Conservative Smash" 40,000
"Redoubled Slice" 40,000
"Conservative Slice" 40,000

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