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Located just off the southwest coast of the continent of Quon, the Kuzotz region is made up of a number of tiny islands, the largest being a desert-covered landmass known as Zepwell. Many centuries ago, this region was controlled by the Galka. However, after an invasion by the Antican Empire, the Galka were forced to flee their homeland. Now the sands are ruled by the overwhelming power of the Empire's armies.

General Information

Region bonus granted by: Signet
Outpost located at: (F-10) in Eastern Altepa Desert

Map of Kuzotz

Zones located in Kuzotz
Cloister of Tremors Eastern Altepa Desert Chamber of Oracles
Quicksand Caves Rabao Western Altepa Desert

Regional NPCs

Region Items Price NPC
Kuzotz Cactuar Needle 837 - 1,023
Port Bastok (G-6)
Port San d'Oria (G-9)
Windurst Woods (G-8)
Thundermelon 292 - 357
Watermelon 180 - 220

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