La Theine Plateau

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Connected Zone La Theine Plateau Arrives at
Al'Taieu K-9 La Theine Plateau.jpg H-5 Al'Taieu-map.jpg
Reisenjima K-9 La Theine Plateau.jpg F-12 Reisenjima.png
Hall of Transference J-8 La Theine Plateau.jpg ?-? Hall of Transference, Holla-map.jpg
Jugner Forest M-8 La Theine Plateau.jpg D-11 Jugner Forest.jpg
Ordelle's Caves H-7 La Theine Plateau.jpg K-3 Ordelle's Caves-map1.jpg
Ordelle's Caves F-7 La Theine Plateau.jpg H-2 Ordelle's Caves-map2.jpg
Ordelle's Caves H-10 La Theine Plateau.jpg G-10 Ordelle's Caves-map3.jpg
Valkurm Dunes I-12 La Theine Plateau.jpg K-5 Valkurm Dunes.jpg
West Ronfaure C-3 La Theine Plateau.jpg F-12 West Ronfaure.jpg
Abyssea - La Theine E-4 La Theine Plateau.jpg E-3 Abyssea - La Theine-Map.jpg
Zone Image
La Theine Plateau Area.jpg
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Zulkheim
Zone Type Field
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Augevinne 1 F-6 Mission NPC
Coumaine 1 K-8 Chocobo NPC
Deaufrain 1 F-6 Mission NPC
Equesobillot 1 F-6 Mission NPC
Faurbellant 1 K-8 Quest NPC
Name Map Pos. Notes
Galaihaurat 1 E-6 Mission NPC
Laurisse 1 F-7 Mission NPC
Narvecaint 1 F-7 Mission NPC
Vicorpasse 1 F-7 Mission NPC


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
3 A Timely Visit Deraquien G-8 Southern San d'Oria Medieval Collar
4 An Explorer's Footsteps Abelard G-9 Selbina 1,000 gil
4 Candle-making Rouliette H-9 Upper Jeuno Holy candle
Chocobo on the Loose! Brutus G-7 Upper Jeuno Chocobo Egg
2 Gates to Paradise Olbergieut L-7 Northern San d'Oria Cotton Cape
Hitting the Marquisate Nanaa Mihgo J-3 Windurst Woods Rogue's Poulaines
I Can Hear a Rainbow Ajido-Marujido G-3 Windurst Walls Unlock Summoner
2 Silence of the Rams Paujean F-6 Port Bastok Purple Belt
The Miraculous Dale Rakuru-Rakoru I-6 Lower Jeuno 59,630 gil
Waking the Beast Carbuncle G-6 La Theine Plateau Carbuncle's Pole
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Promathia Mission 5-3 Metalworks Quest Chains of Promathia
San d'Oria Mission 2-1 Southern San d'Oria Quest
Zilart Mission 5 Sacrificial Chamber Quest Rise of the Zilart

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Nihniknoovi ? (I-6), (J-6), (L-7), (L-10), (L-11) Forced Pop Sound
Tumbling Truffle 19 - 20 (K-6) Lottery Sound
Lumbering Lambert 27 - 28 (H-9)-(I-9) Verification.png Lottery Sight, Scent
Goblin Archaeologist 30 - 75 (J-8)-(J-9)-(K-8)-(K-9) Around Crag of Holla Forced Pop (Various items) Sight
Bloodtear Baldurf 55 - 56 (H-9)-(I-9) Verification.png Lottery spawn of Lumbering Lambert Sight+Scent

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Gale Bats Bats 06 08 Sound D
Steppe Hare Rabbit 07 10 Sight, Scent L
Strolling Sapling Sapling 07 10 Sound
Rock Eater Worm 07 11 Sound L
Acro Bat Bat 08 10 Sound D
Goblin Fisher Goblin WAR 08 10 Sight A L
Goblin Thug Goblin THF 08 10 Sight A L
Goblin Weaver Goblin RDM 08 10 Sight A L
Orcish Fodder Orc WAR 08 10 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Grappler Orc MNK 08 10 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Mesmerizer Orc BLM 08 10 Sight, Scent A L
Huge Wasp Bee 08 12 Sight, Scent
Plague Bats Bats 09 11 Sound A L D
Akbaba Bird 09 13 Sound L
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton WAR 10 12 Sound, HP A N
Grass Funguar Funguar 11 13 Sound
Mad Sheep Sheep 11 13 Sight, Scent L
Skeleton Sorcerer Skeleton BLM 11 13 Sound, HP A N
Goblin Digger Goblin 11 14 Sight A L
Poison Bat Bat 11 14 Sound A
Thickshell Crab 12 14 Sound
Goblin Ambusher Goblin RNG 12 16 Sight A L
Goblin Butcher Goblin WAR 12 16 Sight A L
Goblin Tinkerer Goblin DRK 12 16 Sight A L
Orcish Grunt Orc DRG 12 16 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Neckchopper Orc DRK 12 16 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Stonechucker Orc RNG 12 16 Sight, Scent A L
Poison Funguar Funguar 14 16 Sound A
Ghost Ghost 15 17 Sound, HP A N
Grenade Bomb 15 17 Sight, Magic A F
Air Elemental Elemental 18 20 Magic A Wind-Icon.png
Poltergeist Evil Weapon WAR 18 20 Sound, Magic A
Poltergeist Evil Weapon RDM 18 20 Sound, Magic A
Water Elemental Elemental 18 20 Magic A Water-Icon.png
Battering Ram Ram 21 23 Sight, Scent A
Puffer Pugil Pugil 14 16 Sound A Fishing
Land Pugil Pugil 15 17 Sound A Fishing
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

Historical Significance

The grasslands that make up the La Theine Plateau are located high above the surrounding areas. Once known for the flocks of wild chocobos that dotted the meadows, the plateau is now overrun with giant sheep. The area is also characterized by deep crevices that seem to tear apart the land; torrential rainfall is also common. As a result of the heavy precipitation, rainbows can frequently be spotted while traveling through the plateau.



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