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Category:Latent Effect

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Certain pieces of equipment have listed attributes in the help text which are only active while the player is subject to a certain Latent Effect. There are many different kinds of latent effects which can include anything from having a certain buff or debuff active, being a certain level or in a certain level range, being on a certain job or sub job, having more or less than a certain HP, MP, or TP percentage, presence of certain weather conditions, times of day, moon phases, and much more.

A few pieces of equipment will specify the conditions for the latent effect directly in the item's help text:

Destrier Beret

However, the vast majority of the pieces of equipment with statistics under latent effect conditions will simply classify them after the "Latent effect:" note, but will not specify what that latent effect condition is. Discovered latent effect conditions for these types of equipment are generally listed on individual item pages. For more obscure latent conditions, the gear name and/or other statistics can often be a hint. Some examples are below.

Sorcerer's Ring Latent effect active while player HP is less than 75%.

Coven Hat HP effect active while player level is odd, MP effect active while player level is even.

Perdu Blade Latent effect active at TP < 100 and on Weapon Skills.

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