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The Legion Libretto is located in the antechamber area of all halls of Legion. It allows the leader of the run (first person to enter) to change the background music that all players will hear within the hall. The following BGM tracks are the available options:

  • Belief (RotZ final battle BGM)
  • Fighters of the Crystal (RotZ battle BGM)
  • Conflict: March of the Hero (Ballista winning BGM)
  • The Colosseum (ToAU battle and cutscene BGM)
  • Run Maggot, Run! (WotG battles and Moblin Maze Mongers BGM)
  • Iron Colossus (Odin fight BGM)
  • Ragnarok (Alexander/ToAU final battle BGM)
  • Feast of the Ladies (A Shantotto Ascension final battle BGM)

Note that players will only hear the selected background music track if they have the associated expansion pack or scenario installed and registered.

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