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Were you looking for Daze (Weaponskill)?

Method of Affliction

Job Abilities: Steps, Sambas

Notes on Status effect

Daze is the generic game term for Dancer-related status effects. This status is restricted to monsters, as monsters cannot use Dancer abilities, and results from either Step usage or meleeing a monster with a Samba on. The monster can be inflicted with multiple different Step Dazes simultaneously, but only one Samba Daze. Step Dazes generally result in an enfeeblement of some kind, while Samba Dazes positively affect the other players meleeing the monster and only indirectly affect the monster through them.

Step Dazes have variable potency based on how many of that type of Step have been used and cap at level 5 for /DNC and level 10 for a Dancer main. Presto advances next the Step by two levels.

The number of Steps used (regardless of Presto) determines duration, which caps at 2 minutes. The initial Step inflicts a Daze with 1 minute duration, while subsequent Steps of the same type will increase the remaining Daze duration by 30 seconds. Both the duration added by each individual step and the cap are increased when on the Dancer main job through the Dancer Step Duration Job Points, +1 second per level.

Samba Dazes have static potency, which depends on the Samba, and duration (~10 seconds).

Example: A Dancer with Haste Samba on is fighting a monster and has already put level 1 Lethargic Daze on the monster with Box Step (60 second initial duration). Fifteen seconds later, they use Presto and then Box Step. Now the Lethargic Daze is level 3 and has a duration of 75 seconds. They have been meleeing it, so the monster has been inflicted with Haste Daze the entire time.

List of Dazes

Job Ability Inflicts Effect Equation
Quickstep Lethargic Daze Lowers Target Evasion -4*(Lvl+1)
Box Step Sluggish Daze Lowers Target Defense -1% - 2%*(Lvl+ 1)
Stutter Step Weakened Daze Lowers Target Magic Evasion -3*(Lvl)
Feather Step Bewildered Daze Lowers Target Critical Hit Evasion -1%*(Lvl)*
Drain Samba, II, & III Drain Daze Gives HP for melee damage dealt, based on post-haste weapon delay.
Aspir Samba & II Aspir Daze Gives MP for melee damage dealt, based on post-haste weapon delay.
Haste Samba Haste Daze Gives 5% Job Ability Haste.**

*Charis Toeshoes +2 increase the potency by 2% across the board (3%-12%)
**Can be increased to 10% with Merit Points.

Removal of Status

Monsters can remove Dazes using Erase or abilities with a similar effect.


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