Letter from Iroha (Battlefield)

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Were you looking for Letter from Reisenjima?

Battlefield Information
Location: Reisenjima Sanctorium Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Letter from Iroha icon.png Letter from Iroha Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: 1 Merit Point Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Title: Zeroine to Heroine  


Personal Pool:

Mizukage-no-Yumi icon.png Mizukage-no-YumiMizukage-no-Yumi description.png


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Iroha 1 Humanoid SAM


  • Trust Magic can be used in this BCNM.
  • Iroha will attempt to self skillchain Light on you/trusts. It can be avoided with shadows.

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