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Were you looking for Letter from Iroha?

Battlefield Information
Location: Reisenjima Sanctorium Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: L. from Reisenjima icon.png Letter From Reisenjima Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: 5 Merit Points Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Title: Every Ilm a Heroine  


Personal Pool:

Mizukage Naginata icon.png Mizukage NaginataMizukage Naginata description.png

Note: Every party member must have cleared the iLvl 119 BCNM Letter from Iroha (Battlefield) before being able to enter this fight.


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Iroha 1 Humanoid SAM/WHM Will not be defeated after dropping to 0.
  • Instead will revive to full, and spawn the 5 Heroines to fight alongside her.
  • Amatsu: Fuga: Light Element: Light AoE
  • Amatsu: Kyori: Light Element: Light AoE
  • Amatsu Hanadoki: Light Element: Light Single Target + Dispel 1~2 buffs
  • Amatsu: Suien: Fire Element: Fire Single Target + Defense Down + Magic Defense Down
  • Amatsu: Gachirin: Fire Element: Fire Single Target + Attack Down + Magic Attack Down
  • Amatsu: Choun: Fire Element: Fire Single Target + Evasion Down + Magic Evasion Down
Lion 1 Humanoid THF/WAR Spawns when Iroha falls to 0 for the first time
  • Walk The Plank: AoE full dispel 15-20"
  • Pirate Pummel: Physical Damage Single Target
  • Powder Keg: Physical Damage Single Target
  • Grapeshot: Physical Damage Single Target
Prishe 1 Humanoid MNK/WHM Spawns when Iroha falls to 0 for the first time
  • Knuckle Sandwich: Single Target Physical Damage
  • Has access to a TP move to give you Weakened Status - -50% HP
Nashmeira 1 Humanoid PUP Spawns when Iroha falls to 0 for the first time
  • Imperial Authority: Single Target Physical Damage + Stun
  • Has access to Curaga 4, capable of curing up to 100k HP - can wake the other girls.
Lilisette 1 Humanoid DNC Spawns when Iroha falls to 0 for the first time
  • Thorned Stance: Self Defense and Magic Defense Boost + 100% - Dispelable
  • Sensual Dance: AoE Attack Down
  • Rousing Samba: Increases Critical Hit Rate
  • Has access to Divine Waltz to wake the other girls
Arciela 1 Humanoid RDM Spawns when Iroha falls to 0 for the first time
  • Harmonic Displacement: AoE Magic Damage
  • Dignified Awe: Physical Damage Single Target
  • Expunge Magic: Single Target Magic Damage
  • Ascension: AoE Magic Damage
  • Casts -Ja Spells
  • Takes considerable Skillchain Damage


  • Iroha will self skillchain multiple times during the fight to make Light.
  • Iroha has two "forms".
  • After defeating the first, the other heroines will be spawnned for the second.
  • All additional Heroines may be slept.
  • Only Iroha needs to be defeated in order to win the battle.

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