Seekers of Adoulin Mission 4-2

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Lighting the Way
Series Seekers of Adoulin
Starting NPC N/A
Title Knower of Untruths
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Arciela is certain that Ortharsyne has shown her the way, and that it leads to the summit of Mount Kamihr. Find the path amidst the snowbanks in Kamihr Drifts so that you two can climb the mountain.
Previous Mission Next Mission
A Day in the Life of a Pioneer Sajj'aka


  • Meet Arciela in Kamihr Drifts at (H-5), and examine the Alpine Trail for a cutscene. This will take you into a zone named Mount Kamihr.
    • This is the very northern-middle point on the map.
      • The fastest way there is take Bivouac #3, go into the northern tunnel and follow the left wall heading north.

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