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Lost Chocobo Chick Mini-Quest

From BG FFXI Wiki
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  • Take a short walk with your chocobo until you encounter a lost chocobo.
    • Choose to take it home.
  • The VCS Trainer will put you in charge of finding its owner.
  • As you take more Short Walks, you will meet your VCS Trainer. You will be given a clue each time you meet the trainer.
  • There are three clues total.
    • The first letter of the owner's name.
    • The owner's race and gender.
    • The owner's job.
  • The Chocoguy's at the stable will keep a record of the clues you found in case you forget.
  • Use the clues to find the npc.
    • If you are correct, the npc gives you the Story of a diligent chocobo.
    • If you are incorrect return to the VCS Trainer to restart the quest.
    • You do not need all three clues to ask an npc if the bird is theirs.

Bastok Clues:

Name Starts With Race & Gender Job Owner
A Hume Male Guild Worker Abd-al-Raziq
A Hume Female Guild Worker Azima
D Galka Merchant Deegis
D Galka Miner Drangord
G Galka Merchant Galdeo
G Galka Watchman Gray Wolf
G Galka Miner Gerbaum
G Hume Female Merchant Griselda

San d'Oria Clues:

Name Starts With Race & Gender Job Owner
C Elvaan Female Merchant Carautia
C Elvaan Female Merchant Cletae
C Elvaan Male Information Guide Coderiant
C Elvaan Male Watchman Cahaurme
C Old Elvaan Woman Merchant Corua
L Elvaan Male Town Information Guide Luthiaque
L Elvaan Male Package Deliverer Lanqueron
V Elvaan Female Merchant Violitte
V Elvaan Male Merchant Valderotaux

Windurst Clues:

Name Starts With Race & Gender Job Owner
G Mithra Hunter Gioh Ajihri
G Mithra Adventurer Gottah Maporushanoh
K Mithra Guild Worker Kyaa Taali
K Mithra Hunter Kapeh Myohrye
K Tarutaru Male Ministry Worker Kopuro-Popuro
K Tarutaru Female Ministry Worker Kororo
P Tarutaru Female Guild Worker Ponono
P Mithra Guild Worker Peshi Yohnts

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