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Lower Jeuno

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Connected Zone Lower Jeuno Arrives at
Upper Jeuno I-5 Lower Jeuno.jpg H-11 Upper Jeuno.jpg
Port Jeuno K-6 Lower Jeuno.jpg E-10 Port Jeuno.jpg
Rolanberry Fields F-12 Lower Jeuno.jpg K-4 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg
Zone Image
Lower Jeuno header.jpg
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Region Jeuno
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Adelflete 1 H-9 Scroll Vendor
Akamafula 1 J-8
Aldo 1 J-8
Alrauverat 1 F-11
Amalasanda 1 J-8
Amhu Sabaroleka 1 H-9
Audee 1 G-11
Biora 1 H-7
Bki Tbujhja 1 H-8
Bluffnix 1 H-9
Boisterous Jackal 1 H-7
Bogharg 1 H-9
Caruvinda 1 J-6
Chenokih 1 H-9
Chetak 1 H-9
Chululu 1 I-8
Crazy Wolf 1 H-9
Creepstix 1 H-9
Danzhor 1 H-7
Derrick 1 H-7
Dietmund 1 G-11
Domenic 1 H-7 Teleport NPC
Faursel 1 J-8
Fephita 1 G-11
Garnev 1 J-7
Geuhbe 1 G-9
Ghebi Damomohe 1 I-7
Gurdern 1 G-10
Guttrix 1 H-10
Harnek 1 J-7
Hasim 1 H-9
Honorine 1 I-7
Jazmin 1 H-9
Joseph 1 H-8
Kikilolo 1 H-9
Kuah Dakonsa 1 H-8
Kurou-Morou 1 I-7
Mataligeat 1 H-8
Matoaka 1 H-9
Mendi 1 H-8
Mertaire 1 I-8
Mesukiki 1 I-7
Miladi-Nildi 1 J-5 Mog House NPC
Name Map Pos. Notes
Momiji 1 I-6
Morefie 1 H-9
Muckvix 1 H-10
Nakho Jawantal 1 G-10
Naruru 1 H-10
Navisse 1 H-9
Odasel 1 H-9
Omer 1 G-10
Panta-Putta 1 H-10
Parike-Poranke 1 H-8
Pawkrix 1 H-10
Promurouve 1 H-7
Raji 1 I-7
Rakuru-Rakoru 1 I-6 Quest NPC
Rhimonne 1 G-11
Ruslan 1 I-8
Saprut 1 I-7
Sutarara 1 J-7
Sattal-Mansal 1 J-8
Seyaya 1 G-10
Shashan-Mishan 1 F-11
Shomera 1 I-7
Sniggnix 1 H-10
Stinknix 1 H-9
Subash 1 I-7
Susu 1 H-9 Scroll Vendor
Tawfeeq 1 H-9
Taza 1 H-9
Teigero-Bangero 1 H-10
Tovrutaux 1 G-10
Tuh Almobankha 1 I-8
Venika 1 H-8
Vhana Ehgaklywha 1 varies
Vingijard 1 H-9
Vola 1 J-8
Yamilla 1 F-11
Yatniel 1 G-10
Yin Pocanakhu 1 J-8
Yoskolo 1 I-8
Zauko 1 I-6
Zalsuhm 1 H-9


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
Path of the Bard Mertaire I-8 Lower Jeuno Unlocks Bard
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

The lower level of Jeuno, otherwise known as Market Bridge, is filled with a wide variety of shops selling everything an aspiring adventurer could need. While somewhat hidden in the depths of the district, even the Goblins and Tenshodo have set up shops here. If the shops don't sell what you are looking for, the Lower Auction House will often have your desired item listed. Reflecting the fact that the lower level of Jeuno is considered by many to be the center of Vana'diel commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located here. Chocobos can also be rented here for access to Rolanberry Fields.


The Chamber of Commerce is located here.


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