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Lunar abyssite

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Lunar abyssite

Key Item Description Pages on this wiki that reference this item
Type Description
Abyssea A variety of ancient abyssite that harbors arcane powers. Allows the bearer to be infused with the power of a single atma.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Varies Any Defeat any abyssea mega boss.
Abyssea mission objective
Varies Any Defeat 7 seperate mega bosses.
Abyssea mission objectives
Cruor Prospector (Attohwa) Abyssea - Attohwa (G-10) 100,000 Cruor
Cruor Prospector (Misareaux) Abyssea - Misareaux (K-7) 100,000 Cruor
Cruor Prospector (Vunkerl) Abyssea - Vunkerl (F-4) 100,000 Cruor
Used for...
Type of Event Name

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