Materiel Storm I (W)

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Windurst-Flag.jpg Materiel Storm I (W)
 Campaign Type:  Resource procurement
 Start NPC: Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) - (H-9)
 Campaign Rank: Brass Ribbon of Service §§
 Objective: Procure the items indicated by the kingdom quartermaster.
 Mission Orders: Obtain shopping list from Quartermaster and submit items to him.
 Time Limit:    Recommended Lv.  Any


  • Solo mission
  • Speak with the Quartermaster in front of the Tavern, if you're facing the West Sarutabaruta exit arch, he'll be behind you across the bridge from the tents.
  • He will provide different players with different types of 'supplies' to bring. The following are possible options:
  • Any Crystal x12

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