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Were you looking for Matthias (S)?

Location: Bastok Markets - (J-9)
Type: Artifact NPC
Description: The guy who makes Dancer gear.

Artifact Trace

After finishing the quest The Road to Divadom and speaking to Olgald in Upper Jeuno (G-7), you may commission Dancer Artifact Armor from Matthias. You can chose the order in which you receive the armor and may commission a new piece immediately after the last piece was completed.

Dancer Artifact Armor
Armor Ingredients
Dancer's Tiara
Dancer's Tiara icon.pngDancer's Tiara description.png
Dancer's Toe Shoes
Dancer's Shoes icon.pngDancer's Shoes description.png
Dancer's Bangles
Dancer's Bangles icon.pngDancer's Bangles description.png

Zone and speak to him after the game day changes to receive your armor.

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