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Mine Shaft 2716

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Connected Zone Mine Shaft 2716 Arrives at
Newton Movalpolos ?-? Mine Shaft 2716 - Map.jpg M-9 Newton Movalpolos-map.jpg
Newton Movalpolos (Exit only) Mine Shaft 2716 - Map.jpg J-6 Newton Movalpolos-map.jpg
Zone Image
Mine Shaft 2716 header.jpg
Map Acquisition
Requires Chains of Promathia
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Movalpolos
Zone Type Dungeon


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
A Century of Hardship [[]] Mine Shaft 2716
Fire in the Eyes of Men [[]] Mine Shaft 2716
Bastok Fame 5 Return to the Depths Ayame K-7 Metalworks Bowyer Ring
3000 Gil
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Type Battlefield Name Requirement Level Cap Time Limit Party Members
Quest A Century of Hardship 40 6
ENM Automaton Assault Shaft gate operating dial 60 15 3
ENM Bionic Bug Shaft 2716 operating lever 75 30 6
ENM Pulling the Strings Shaft gate operating dial 60 15 1
Quest Return to the Depths 40 6

Historical Significance

Situated deep within the beastmen lair of Movalpolos, this is the deepest shaft dug by the moblins and appears to go on forever...


  • Goblin Footprint is near the entrance at (E-11).
  • Escapes players to North Gustaberg (J-6).
  • The actual name of this zone is "Mine Shaft #2716", but due to the way media wiki handles page naming it cannot use the # symbol.


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