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Mog Bonanza, the Stuff of Adventurer Dreams

Ever wonder what it would be like to bathe in a pool of gil or bask in the attention of your peers as you strut through town square with a kraken club-caliber weapon swaying at your hip? If your answer is yes, then the Mog Bonanza is not an event you can afford to miss!

As a show of gratitude to all of you who have helped to make Vana'diel such a vibrant realm of adventure for these past eight years, we'll be giving away some of the most extravagant prizes ever to grace a Mog Bonanza! Don't miss this chance to turn your Vana'dielian dreams into reality and become the envy of all fellow adventurers. Ridiculous amounts of gil or super-rare items of legend—or both—await you!

How to Play

The Mog Bonanza is a number-guessing game in which you pick a five-digit number of your choice, kupo. Playing is simple! Purchase a Mog Bonanza marble (*1) from a Bonanza Moogle at designated areas (*2), then have the vendor inscribe your desired five-digit number on it, kupo. (*3) If you can't decide on a number, we moogles will be more than happy to pick one for you. The winning numbers will be announced at a later date, so sit tight and leave the rest to Lady Luck, kupo!

The conditions for winning are as follows:

Rank 1 prize: all five digits matching.
Rank 2 prize: the last four digits matching.
Rank 3 prize: the last three digits matching.
Rank 4 prize: the last two digits matching.
Rank 5 prize: the last digit matching.
Rank 6 prize: No digits matching.

* The winning number for each prize rank will be drawn separately. In the event that winning numbers overlap for multiple prize ranks, the higher-ranked prize will be given precedence. For example, should the winning numbers for ranks 4 and 5 be “11” and “1” respectively, the holder of a bonanza marble etched with the number “11111” will be awarded with a rank 4 prize.

Up to 10 Mog Bonanza marbles can be purchased per character. You can have the same number inscribed on multiple marbles. This will mean bigger earnings should you have a winning number.

Purchase your Mog Bonanza marbles, check winning numbers, and collect prizes from Bonanza Moogles at Port San d'Oria (I-9), Port Bastok (L-8), Port Windurst (F-6), or the Chocobo Circuit (H-8).

A number may not be changed once it has been chosen and inscribed.

Mog Bonanza Homecoming

Price: 2000 gil per marble.
Marble sales period: 12:00 a.m. (PST) Tuesday, January 29, 2013, to 12:00 a.m. Thursday, February 28, 2013.
Winning numbers announced: 12:00 a.m. (PST) Tuesday, March 12, 2013.
Prize collection period: 12:00 a.m. (PST) Tuesday, March 12, 2013, to 12:00 a.m. Tuesday, March 26, 2013.
Eligibility: Only characters for whom 32 days or more have passed since creation can purchase bonanza marbles.

* The winning number will be randomly determined in a strictly supervised process.
* Employees of Square Enix, Square Enix Inc. and Square Enix Ltd. and their relatives are forbidden from participating in the Mog Bonanza.

Mog Bonanza Results

Total marbles sold: 2,668,860
Gross sales: 5,337,720,000 gil

[ Gil Prize Amounts ]

Winners Gil Prize
Rank 1 Prize 23 116,037,392
Rank 2 Prize 293 4,190,020
Rank 3 Prize 2,739 526,172
Rank 4 Prize 25,284 ---
Rank 5 Prize 271,425 ---

Based on the proceeds of total marbles sold (12,689,246,000 gil), the gil prize for each prize rank has been calculated as follows:

Rank 1 Prize: (5,337,720,000 X 50%) ÷23 = 116,037,392
Rank 2 Prize: (5,337,720,000 X 23%) ÷293 = 4,190,020
Rank 3 Prize: (5,337,720,000 X 27%) ÷2,739 = 526,172

*Each prize amount has been rounded up to the nearest gil.
*The gil prize calculation formula is outlined below.

Winning Numbers

The winning numbers can be confirmed via the following two methods during the designated prize collection period:

1) Viewing the system message displayed upon logging into the game.
2) Speaking with a Bonanza Moogle at one of the following locations: Port San d'Oria (I-9) / Port Bastok (L-8) / Port Windurst (F-6) / Chocobo Circuit (H-8).

The winning numbers as confirmed from the system message are as follows:

  • Rank 5 prize: "1" (last digit)
  • Rank 4 prize: "96" (last two digits)
  • Rank 3 prize: "627" (last three digits)
  • Rank 2 prize: "3267" (last four digits)
  • Rank 1 prize: "09011" (all five digits)

Prize List

Each Mog Bonanza marble with a winning number entitles you to an item of your choosing from the list of prizes in the corresponding rank.

Rank 1 (All five digits)
Gil (*1)
Ridill Kraken Club
Defending Ring Ranperre Goldpiece
10,000 Byne Bill Rimilala Stripeshell
Bonanza Kupon RW (*2) Bonanza Kupon MW (*2)
Bonanza Kupon EW (*2) Ebisu Fishing Rod
Rank 2 (Last four digits)
Gil (*1)
Black Belt Bonanza Kupon EA (*2)
Cat's Eye Opal Silk
Saber Shoot Phorcys Korazin
Thaumas Coat Nares Saio
Tessera Saio Drachenhorn
Hyaline Hat Baalmuian Robe
Shaper's Shawl Arise
Rank 3 (Last three digits)
Gil (*1)
Nomad Moogle Rod Galley Kitchen
Ker's Cuirass Sigyn's Cuirie
Omodaka Haramaki Nabu's Jubbah
Fea's Robe Rioter's Collar
Feline Mantle Bougonia Rope
Ravana's Axe Uguisu
Pulse Cell: Bo Pulse Cell: As
Pulse Cell: Ep Pulse Cell: Mu
Pulse Cell: Co Pulse Cell: De
Pulse Cell: Ay
Rank 4 (Last two digits)
Redeyes Bonanza Kupon S (*2)
Bonanza Kupon L (*2) Adamantoise Egg
Wyrm Beard Behemoth Tongue
Odin Statue Mass Chalemie
Prouesse Ring Terminus Earring
Liminus Earring Abdhaljs's Honor
Ark Tachi Ark Tabar
Ark Scythe Ark Saber
Ark Sword
Rank 5 (Last digit)
Miratete's Memoirs Martial Ball Invite
Cordial Invite Mercenary Camp Entry Slip
Training Grounds Key Pest Repellent
Adamantoise Statue Behemoth Statue
Fafnir Statue Shadow Lord Statue
Alexander Statue Ark Angel HM Statue
Ark Angel EV Statue Ark Angel TT Statue
Ark Angel MR Statue Ark Angel GK Statue
Rank 6 (No matching digits)
Mog Missile


[ Regarding Gil Prizes ]

The amount of gil awarded for each rank will be determined by first taking a percentage value (listed below) of the proceeds of marble sales in all worlds, then further dividing the resultant figure by the total number of winners representing each rank.

Rank 1 → 50%

Rank 2 → 23%
Rank 3 → 27%

For example, in the case that marble sale proceeds total 10 billion gil, with 50 rank 1, 500 rank 2, and 5000 rank 3 prize winners, the amount of gil awarded to the winners of each rank would be as follows:

Rank 1 Prize: (10 billion x 50%) ÷50 = 100 million

Rank 2 Prize: (10 billion x 23%) ÷500 = 4.6 million
Rank 3 Prize: (10 billion x 27%) ÷5000 = 540,000


[ Mog Bonanza Kupons ]

Speak to a Dealer Moogle posted at one of the below locations to trade your Mog Bonanza Kupon for the corresponding relic armor item.
- Port San d'Oria (I-9) - Port Bastok (L-8)
- Port Windurst (F-6) - Chocobo Circuit (H-9)

Mog Bonanza Kupon L
This coupon can be redeemed for one of the items listed below:

- Merciful Cape - Altruistic Cape
- Astute Cape - Justice Torque
- Hope Torque - Prudence Torque
- Fortitude Torque - Faith Torque
- Temperance Torque - Love Torque

Mog Bonanza Kupon EW
This coupon can be redeemed for one of the items listed below:
* The Empyrean weapons obtainable with this coupon are equivalent to those received by completing the following Trial of the Magians quests, and grant an exclusive weapon skill to the wielder. The visual appearance of both the weapons and weapon skills may be viewed in this video.

Empyrean Weapons Magian Trial Number
Verethragna 2307
Twashtar 2283
Almace 2339
Caladbolg 2363
Farsha 2387
Ukonvasara 2017
Redemption 2443
Rhongomiant 2467
Kannagi 2499
Masamune 2523
Gambanteinn 2547
Hvergelmir 2571
Gandiva 2628
Armageddon 2644
Ochain 4399
Daurdabla 2711

Mog Bonanza Kupon RW
This coupon can be redeemed for one of the items listed below:

Relic Weapons Magian Trial Number
Aegis 4403
Gjallarhorn 2715
Spharai 2664
Mandau 2660
Excalibur 2667
Ragnarok 2671
Guttler 2672
Bravura 2674
Gungnir 2678
Apocalypse 2676
Kikoku 2680
Amanomurakumo 2682
Mjollnir 2676
Claustrum 2686
Annihilator 2691
Yoichinoyumi 2690

Mog Bonanza Kupon MW
This coupon can be redeemed for one of the items listed below:

Mythic Weapons Magian Trial Number
Conqueror 2675
Glanzfaust 2665
Yagrush 2685
Laevateinn 2687
Murgleis 2668
Vajra 2661
Burtgang 2669
Liberator 2677
Aymur 2673
Carnwenhan 2662
Gastraphetes 2692
Kogarasumaru 2683
Nagi 2681
Ryunohige 2679
Nirvana 2688
Tizona 2670
Death Penalty 2693
Kenkonken 2666
Terpsichore 2663
Tupsimati 2689

Mog Bonanza Kupon EA
This coupon can be redeemed for one of the items listed below:

Rvg. Calligae +2 Rvg. Cuisses +2 Ravager's Mask +2 Rvg. Mufflers +2 Rvg. Lorica +2

Tantra Crown +2 Tantra Gloves +2 Tantra Gaiters +2 Tantra Cyclas +2 Tantra Hose +2

White Mage
Orison Cap +2 Orsn. Duckbills +2 Orsn. Pantaln. +2 Orison Bliaud +2 Orison Mitts +2

Black Mage
Goetia Gloves +2 Goetia Coat +2 Goetia Sabots +2 Goet. Chausses +2 Goetia Petasos +2

Red Mage
Estq. Houseaux +2 Estq. Ganthrt. +2 Estq. Sayon +2 Estq. Chappel +2 Estqr. Fuseau +2

Raid. Armlets +2 Raid. Culottes +2 Raid. Poulaines +2 Raider's Vest +2 Raid. Bonnet +2

Creed Armet +2 Crd. Gauntlets +2 Creed Cuirass +2 Creed Cuisses +2 Creed Sabatons +2

Dark Knight
Bale Gauntlets +2 Bale Cuirass +2 Bale Sollerets +2 Bale Burgeonet +2 Bale Flanchard +2

Ferine Ocreae +2 Ferine Cabasset +2 Ferine Quijotes +2 Ferine Gausape +2 Frn. Manoplas +2

Aoidos' Hngrln. +2 Aoidos' Calot +2 Aoidos' Cothrn. +2 Ad. Mnchtte. +2 Aoidos' Rhing. +2

Sylvan Caban +2 Sylvan Gapette +2 Syl. Glvltte. +2 Sylvan Bragues +2 Sylvan Bottln. +2

Unkai Kabuto +2 Unkai Kote +2 Unkai Sune-Ate +2 Unkai Domaru +2 Unkai Haidate +2

Iga Kyahan +2 Iga Hakama +2 Iga Tekko +2 Iga Zukin +2 Iga Ningi +2

Lncr. Cuissots +2 Lncr. Schynbld. +2 Lncr. Vmbrc. +2 Lncr. Plackart +2 Lancer's Mezail +2

Caller's Spats +2 Call. Doublet +2 Caller's Pgch. +2 Call. Bracers +2 Caller's Horn +2

Blue Mage
Mavi Kavuk +2 Mavi Tayt +2 Mavi Basmak +2 Mavi Bazuband +2 Mavi Mintan +2

Nvrch. Gants +2 Nvrch. Tricorne +2 Nvrch. Culottes +2 Nvrch. Bottes +2 Nvrch. Frac +2

Cirque Cappello +2 Cirque Guanti +2 Cirque Scarpe +2 Cirq. Pantaloni +2 Cirque Farsetto +2

Charis Casaque +2 Charis Tights +2 Charis Tiara +2 Charis Shoes +2 Charis Bangles +2

Savant's Gown +2 Savant's Pants +2 Svnt. Bracers +2 Svnt. Bonnet +2 Svnt. Loafers +2

Mog Bonanza Kupon S
This coupon can be redeemed for one of the items listed below:

Rvg. Seal: Lg. x 8 Rvg. Seal: Hn. x 8 Rvg. Seal: Ft. x 8 Rvg. Seal: Hd. x 8 Rvg. Seal: Bd. x 10

Tantra Seal: Lg. x 8 Tantra Seal: Hn. x 8 Tantra Seal: Ft. x 8 Tantra Seal: Hd. x 8 Tantra Seal: Bd. x 10

White Mage
Orison Seal: Lg. x 8 Orison Seal: Hn. x 8 Orison Seal: Ft. x 8 Orison Seal: Hd. x 8 Orison Seal: Bd. x 10

Black Mage
Goetia Seal: Lg. x 8 Goetia Seal: Hn. x 8 Goetia Seal: Ft. x 8 Goetia Seal: Hd. x 8 Goetia Seal: Bd. x 10

Red Mage
Estq. Seal: Lg. x 8 Estq. Seal: Hn. x 8 Estq. Seal: Ft. x 8 Estq. Seal: Hd. x 8 Estq. Seal: Bd. x 10

Raid. Seal: Lg. x 8 Raid. Seal: Hn. x 8 Raid. Seal: Ft. x 8 Raid. Seal: Hd. x 8 Raid. Seal: Bd. x 10

Creed Seal: Lg. x 8 Creed Seal: Hn. x 8 Creed Seal: Ft. x 8 Creed Seal: Hd. x 8 Creed Seal: Bd. x 10

Dark Knight
Bale Seal: Lg. x 8 Bale Seal: Hn. x 8 Bale Seal: Ft. x 8 Bale Seal: Hd. x 8 Bale Seal: Bd. x 10

Ferine Seal: Lg. x 8 Ferine Seal: Hn. x 8 Ferine Seal: Ft. x 8 Ferine Seal: Hd. x 8 Ferine Seal: Bd. x 10

Aoid. Seal: Lg. x 8 Aoid. Seal: Hn. x 8 Aoid. Seal: Ft. x 8 Aoid. Seal: Hd. x 8 Aoid. Seal: Bd. x 10

Sylvan Seal: Lg. x 8 Sylvan Seal: Hn. x 8 Sylvan Seal: Ft. x 8 Sylvan Seal: Hd. x 8 Sylvan Seal: Bd. x 10

Unkai Seal: Lg. x 8 Unkai Seal: Hn. x 8 Unkai Seal: Ft. x 8 Unkai Seal: Hd. x 8 Unkai Seal: Bd. x 10

Iga Seal: Lg. x 8 Iga Seal: Hn. x 8 Iga Seal: Ft. x 8 Iga Seal: Hd. x 8 Iga Seal: Bd. x 10

Lncr. Seal: Lg. x 8 Lncr. Seal: Hn. x 8 Lncr. Seal: Ft. x 8 Lncr. Seal: Hd. x 8 Lncr. Seal: Bd. x 10

Caller's Seal: Lg. x 8 Caller's Seal: Hn. x 8 Caller's Seal: Ft. x 8 Caller's Seal: Hd. x 8 Caller's Seal: Bd. x 10

Blue Mage
Mavi Seal: Lg. x 8 Mavi Seal: Hn. x 8 Mavi Seal: Ft. x 8 Mavi Seal: Hd. x 8 Mavi Seal: Bd. x 10

Nvrch. Seal: Lg. x 8 Nvrch. Seal: Hn. x 8 Nvrch. Seal: Ft. x 8 Nvrch. Seal: Hd. x 8 Nvrch. Seal: Bd. x 10

Cirque Seal: Lg. x 8 Cirque Seal: Hn. x 8 Cirque Seal: Ft. x 8 Cirque Seal: Hd. x 8 Cirque Seal: Bd. x 10

Charis Seal: Lg. x 8 Charis Seal: Hn. x 8 Charis Seal: Ft. x 8 Charis Seal: Hd. x 8 Charis Seal: Bd. x 10

Svnt. Seal: Lg. x 8 Svnt. Seal: Hn. x 8 Svnt. Seal: Ft. x 8 Svnt. Seal: Hd. x 8 Svnt. Seal: Bd. x 10


[ Accessing "Hero's Combat," "Heroine's Combat," and "Mercenary Camp" ]

  1. Proceed to the Stellar Fulcrum at the top floor of Delkfutt’s Tower while in possession of one of the following items: Cordial Invite / Martial Ball Invite / M. Camp Entry
  2. Trade the item to the "Qe'lov Gate" battlefield entrance.
  3. Depending on the item traded, you will be given the choice of entering one of the following battlefields: Hero’s Combat* / Heroine’s Combat / Mercenary Camp
  4. Standard battlefield rules apply after you have gained entry.
    Only one member in your party is required to perform the above steps in order for all party members to be granted access.

    * Participants of the Hero’s Combat battlefield may further choose from one of the following three courses:
    - The Indomitable Triumvirate (versus all three opponents)
    - The Dauntless Duo (versus two opponents)
    - The Solitary Demolisher (versus a single opponent)

[ Accessing "The Gathering Storm" ]

  1. Proceed to the Mamool Ja staging point with the following item in your possession: Tr. Grounds Key.
  2. Use the Tr. Grounds Key item on yourself, and then examine the "Runic Seal" battlefield entrance.
  3. Select "The Gathering Storm" battlefield option to enter.
    Standard assault rules apply after you have gained entry.
    Only one person in the party is required to perform the above steps in order for all party members to be granted access.
    Neither changing areas nor logging out of the game will affect your eligibility for battlefield entry after you have used the item.

[ Accessing "The Swarm" ]

  1. Proceed to D-9 in Rolanberry Fields (S) with the following item in your possession: Pest Repellent.
  2. Use the Pest Repellent item on yourself, and then examine the "Fortilace" battlefield entrance.
  3. Select "The Swarm" battlefield option to enter.
    Standard battlefield rules apply after you have gained entry.
    Only one person in the party is required to perform the above steps in order for all party members to be granted access.
    Neither changing areas nor logging out of the game will affect your eligibility for battlefield entry after you have used the item.

* Please remember that all prizes won in the Mog Bonanza are valueless virtual items for use in the game FINAL FANTASY XI only.
Prizes cannot be transferred to another player in exchange for real-world money without violating the PlayOnline Member Agreement and risking termination of the accounts of all parties involved.

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