Mog Kupon AW-Mis

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Mog Kupon AW-Mis

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items Issued by the Mog House Management Union (MHMU).
Tradeable for spoils from high-tier mission battlefields.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Dealer Moogle Port San d'Oria (I-9) Trade a Kupon AW-Mis
Dealer Moogle Port Bastok (L-8) Trade a Kupon AW-Mis
Dealer Moogle Port Windurst (F-6) Trade a Kupon AW-Mis
Dealer Moogle Chocobo Circuit (H-8) Trade a Kupon AW-Mis
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Mog Bonanza Obtained after trading a Dealer Moogle a Kupon AW-Mis and choosing the option to wait to decide.


  • Essentially, this item replaces your inventory Kupon to save you inventory space while you decide on a prize.
  • May be traded to Dealer Moogles for a prize selection.
This Kupon can be redeemed for one piece of equipment or a weapon from High-Tier Mission Battlefields.
Inventory Kupon Key Item Variant
Kupon AW-Mis Mog Kupon AW-Mis
Prize Selections
The options below do not include drops from the "New" BCNMs added after the June 2019 Version Update.
Anahera Blade Anahera Saber Anahera Scythe Anahera Sword
Anahera Tabar Atakigiri Castigation Bestas Bane
Cagliostro's Rod Calved Claws Chidori Denouements
Donar Gun Fettering Blade Foreshock Sword Frazil Staff
Hangaku-no-Yumi Levante Dagger Lightreaver Mes'yohi Rod
Mes'yohi Sword Mafic Cudgel Marquetry Staff Medeina Kiliji
Nilgal Pole Pelagos Lance Perfervid Sword Phreatic Axe
Raimitsukane Shuhansadamune Staccato Staff Tramontane Axe
Tunglmyrkvi Vadose Rod Vanir Gun Vanir Knife
Venabulum Venery Bow
Throwing Weapons/Ammo
Divinator Ginsen Seraphicaller Floestone
Plumose Sachet Tengu-no-Hane Togakushi Shuriken Vanir Battery
Benthos Grip Bloodrain Strap Capitoline Strap Immolation Grip
Lentus Grip
Baghere Salade Felistris Mask Lithelimb Cap Ma'iitsoh Haube
Ptica Headgear Sahip Helm Sukeroku Hachimaki Terminal Helm
Chest Armor
Chozoron Coselete Dread Jupon Gyve Doublet Ischemia Chasuble
Karmesin Vest Kyujutsugi Lapidary Tunic Mes'yohi Haubergeon
Savas Jawshan Terminal Plate Vanir Cotehardie Vrikodara Jupon
Gloves and Gauntlets
Dynasty Mitts Hegira Wristbands Loagaeth Cuffs Lurid Mitts
Nilas Gloves Onimusha-no-Kote Regimen Mittens
Leg Armor
Brontes Cuisses Gyve Trousers Mes'yohi Slacks Osmium Cuisses
Perdition Slops Scuffler's Cosciales Sifahir Slacks Theurgist's Slacks
Boots and Greaves
Battlecast Gaiters Coalrake Sabots Daihanshi Habaki Durgai Leggings
Diamantaire Sollerets Herald's Gaiters Kandza Crackows Manabyss Pigaches
Ostro Greaves Scamp's Sollerets Vanir Boots
Neck Pieces
Agitator's Collar Consummation Torque Mizukage-no-Kubikazari Satlada Necklace
Voltsurge Torque
Cessance Earring Crematio Earring Darkside Earring Domesticator's Earring
Gelai Earring Neritic Earring Pratik Earring Rimeice Earring
Sanare Earring Tripudio Earring Trux Earring
Belts and Sashes
Engraved Belt Metalsinger Belt Latria Belt Ponente Sash
Sekhmet Corset Shetal Stone Tengu-no-Obi Ukko Sash
Patricius Ring Pernicious Ring Supershear Ring Lebeche Ring
Capes and Cloaks
Annealed Mantle Fravashi Mantle Laic Mantle Lupine Cape
Trepidity Mantle

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