Mog Kupon AW-WK

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Mog Kupon AW-WK

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items Issued by the Mog House Management Union (MHMU).
Tradeable for weapons and armor from wildskeeper reives.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Dealer Moogle Port San d'Oria (I-9) Trade a Kupon AW-WK
Dealer Moogle Port Bastok (L-8) Trade a Kupon AW-WK
Dealer Moogle Port Windurst (F-6) Trade a Kupon AW-WK
Dealer Moogle Chocobo Circuit (H-8) Trade a Kupon AW-WK
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Mog Bonanza Obtained after trading a Dealer Moogle a Kupon AW-WK and choosing the option to wait to decide.


  • Essentially, this item replaces your inventory Kupon to save you inventory space while you decide on a prize.
  • May be traded to Dealer Moogles for a prize selection.
This Kupon can be redeemed for a Weapon or Armor from Wildskeeper Reives.
Inventory Kupon Key Item Variant
Kupon AW-WK Mog Kupon AW-WK
Prize Selections
Colkhab, the Matriarch Naakual
Phawaylla Earring Ik Cape Huani Collar Kuku Stone
Hatxiik Kuakuakait Kaabanax Hat Kaabnax Trousers
Tchakka, the Riptide Naakual
Atzintli Necklace Tuilha Cape Kalboron Stone Cho'j Band
Atoyac Azukinagamitsu Atetepeyorg Ejekamal Mask
Ejekamal Boots
Achuka, the Firebrand Naakual
Cuamiz Collar Buquwik Cape Aqreaqa Bomblet Achaq Grip
Maochinoli Xiutleato Otomi Helm Otomi Gloves
Hurkan, the Booming Naakual
Hunahpu Xbalanque Tzacab Grip Animikii Bullet
Kaquljaan Uk'uxkaj Cap Uk'uxkaj Boots Jukukik Feather
Kayapa Cape Paqichikaji Ring Jaq'ij Sash
Yumcax, the Ligneous Naakual
Ixtab Tamaxchi Buremte Hat Buremte Gloves
Pahtli Cape Ocachi Gorget Kunaji Ring Iximulew Cape
Chuq'aba Belt Quanpur Necklace Barataria Ring
Kumhau, the Flashfrost Naakual
Toro Cape Friomisi Earring Tlamiztli Collar Cetl Belt
Ajjub Bow Baqil Staff Quiahuiz Helm Quiahuiz Leggings
Nepote Bell

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