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Mog Tablet

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Mog Tablet

Mog Tablets are part of an ongoing server-wide event called The Mog Tablet Quest. In ancient time the great Moogle King Kupofried created 11 tablets inscribed with Moogle magic, but scattered them across the Quon and Mindartia continents because of the bickering that they caused among his children. Explorer Moogles have dicovered the existence of the Mog Tablets on these continents and have charged adventurers with the task of finding them.


The eleven Mog Tablets will appear randomly in the following 29 zones. Only one tablet can appear in any zone, but it is possible for tablets to appear in two or more zones within the same region.


Players will receive a reward from the Explorer Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-9) after discovering a Mog Tablet. The player will receive a Kupofried's Ring and one of the following items:

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