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Morimar Basalt Fields

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Connected Zone Morimar Basalt Fields Arrives at
Moh Gates K-11 Morimar Basalt Fields Map.png G-5 Moh Gates Map.png
Woh Gates E-10 Morimar Basalt Fields Map.png K-5 Woh Gates Map.png
Ergon Locus Location Notes
Frostbloom (H-6) Atop Rock Structure
Snowdrift Arbor (K-6)
Spring of Prosperity (E-6) Requires Watercrafting
Zone Image
Japanese モリマー台地
Map Acquisition Sifa Alani (F-9)
Eastern Adoulin
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Region East Ulbuka Territory
Zone Type Field
Activities ReiveMiningFishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Apolliane 1 (K-10) Starts A Stone's Throw Away
Bivouac #1 Administrator 1 (J-8)
Bivouac #2 Administrator 1 (I-6)
Bivouac #3 Administrator 1 (I-10)
Bivouac #4 Administrator 1 (F-8)
Bivouac #5 Administrator 1 (G-6)
Borghest 1 (K-10) Involved in quests
Dabnorrin 1 (J-8)
Name Map Pos. Notes
Delivery Specialist 1 (K-10)
Fallion 1 (I-10) Starts A Geothermal Expedition
Hegnor 1 (K-10) Starts No Rime Like the Present
Orsa-Porsa 1 (K-10) Starts Talk About Wrinkly Skin
Silent Rooster 1 (K-10) HELM Vendor
Station Administrator 1 (K-10)
Station Worker 1 (K-10)
Vestavius 1 (K-10) Starts For Whom the Bell Tolls

Notorious Monsters


Historical Significance


  • Frontier Station: (K-10)
  • Frontier Bivouac #1: (J-8)
  • Frontier Bivouac #2: (I-6)
  • Frontier Bivouac #3: (I-10)
  • Frontier Bivouac #4: (F-8)
  • Frontier Bivouac #5: (G-6) (east, higher level past F-6 Reive)


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