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Happy New Year to all adventurers the world over!

Thanks to your tireless efforts, the citizens of Vana'diel have been able to usher in yet another new year, and along with it, the promise of continued peace and prosperity.

We at the development and operation teams would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have made this possible.

Image01-01-2010 0.jpg
Illustration: Mitsuhiro Arita

The Allure of the Tiger

Tigers—those noble creatures revered by all for their boldness and strength, their fearless nature earning them even the respect of the proud line of Mithran rangers...

Many have sought to emulate the tiger's esteemed qualities, but few can boast success. It is said that he who wishes to possess tiger-like strength must embrace the ways of the majestic beast in both body and spirit. Testing the truth in these words as dictated by its creed is the "Tiger Soul" school of martial arts.

Word has it that with the coming of the new year, Tiger Soul members have joined the families of tigers parading the outskirts of the three nations, telling the fortunes of those who would dare approach them and their fearsome company.

Should you happen to run into these aspirants to tiger supremacy, why not take the opportunity to find out what the year has in store for you?

May the New Year bring health and happiness in abundance to you and your kin!

Story : Miyabi Hasegawa

Event Schedule

The New Year's event will commence on Thursday, December 31st at 7:00am (PST) and end on Friday, January 15th at midnight (00:00).

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