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It's with great joy that we extend to you our greetings for the New Year.

This year will be full of events to make the 11th anniversary memorable! We hope you'll enjoy the additional content that we'll be rolling out during the version updates, along with the various events set to kick off at the start of the New Year.

Both the development & operations teams are working hard to improve Vana'diel so that each and every adventurer, even those with a limited amount of time or those who enjoy playing solo, can have fun.

We look forward to another year of your support,

The FINAL FANTASY XI Development & Operations Teams

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Illustration: Mitsuhiro Arita


"Yeah. It have horn. Run. Saw running in herd. Heading somewhere," answered Fablinix.

The many goblins gathered in the square nodded sagely in understanding.

So the Deity of the New Year had made its appearance once again.

The goblins were not exactly familiar with the tradition, but apparently, each New Year the people of the East choose a beast to honor, and they call it the Deity of the New Year.

They think the deity of the New Year is an...'a-all fishes'...? No, 'auspicious' creature. When the New Year comes, adventurers go to see the New Year deity. If they see it, they will have luck for the New Year.

Of course it's much too convenient that a New Year's deity appears so regularly each year. Someone is setting it up, but the goblins did not know who.

Fablinix said, "This big chance. We make profit, too...maybe."


"Yeah. Maybe we get...New Year money."

The goblins' eyes snapped instantly in Fablinix's direction. That's how important the words were.

New Year's money! A precious item the humans were said to gather for profit...probably.

"But how we get thing?" the oldest goblin in the group, the Elder Goblin asked.

"We make deal with people. People sure to want our skill," answered Fablinix.

"Skill? What skill?"

"We rebuild furniture. For New Year's money. That the deal."

Fablinix explained his plan in detail. The Elder Goblin trusted Fablinix's cunning gained from much travel.

"Okay, you in charge."

Fablinix jumped in surprise. "Me?!"

"Your idea. You do. Go."

The Elder also commanded the young goblins in the group. "You go, too. Help him."

"...Yeah, Elder!"

"We help!"

There were two young goblins. They were to accompany Fablinix and wait with him near the New Year's deity for the arrival of the adventurers.

The Elder Goblin assigned these young goblins their roles.

"While you on this job, you shall be called 'Year-ringer.' Say it now."

"Yeah, Elder. From now on, we call selves 'Year-ringer.'"

"This first time get job title! Me happy!"

And so it was that Fablinix and the pair of young goblins set out.

"First, we find New Year deity."

The young goblins nodded at Fablinix's declaration. The three walked the breadth of the two continents, searching north and south, leaving no stone unturned. It was a long journey, but they persevered.

Then, at long last, at midnight on the final day of the year, they found it.

"There! There it is!"

Fablinix and the two young goblins closed in stealthily upon the New Year's Deity they had found and began to follow it. Now they had to wait for the New Year and the adventurers to arrive.

The sun rose slowly over the horizon. A new sun, a new year. The goblins squinted at the light.

Then, they noticed something as they turned around. There were a bunch of small shadows, coming from the opposite direction of the sun. Big ones with tails, svelte ones with long necks, skinny ones with long tails, teeny-tiny ones, and some that didn't fit any of those descriptions at all. It was mankind.

The goblins' eyes sparkled with cunning. Bartering with the humans was about to begin. They would be busy, but it was what they wanted.

Yes – The goblins love to do long as they believe they will profit.

Story: Miyabi Hasegawa

Event Schedule

The 2014 New Year event will majestically gallop in to the three nations at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 (PST) and ride off into the sunset at 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 (PST).

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