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Unconventional to other Mog Bonanzas, the Nomad Mog Bonanzas took place at live events held by Square Enix. The first of these events was during Vana Festival 2010. The entire playerbase was able to take part in this event, though. It had different rules compared to the normal Mog Bonanzas.

How to Play

Apply for the bonanza after you've read through all the rules and conditions.

Application period: Monday, February 15, 2010 until Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 6:59am (PST).

The Nomad Mog Bonanza is a special live encore of Vana'diel's beloved number-guessing game in which you pick a five-digit number of your choice, kupo.

Pick any five numbers you like and apply!

The winning numbers will be announced at VanaFest 2010, but attendance is not required to win, so sit tight and leave the rest to Lady Luck, kupo!

The conditions for winning are as follows:

  • Rank 1 prize: all five digits matching.
  • Rank 2 prize: the last four digits matching.
  • Rank 3 prize: the last three digits matching.
  • Rank 4 prize: the last two digits matching.
  • Rank 5 prize: the last digit matching.
    • The winning number for each prize rank will be drawn separately. In the event that winning numbers overlap for multiple prize ranks, the higher-ranked prize will be given precedence. For example, should the winning numbers for ranks 4 and 5 be “11” and “1” respectively, the holder of the number “11111” will be awarded with a rank 4 prize.

Application Restrictions

  • Only one Nomad Mog Bonanza application can be made per Square Enix account.
  • A number cannot be changed once it has been submitted.
    • Employees of Square Enix, Square Enix Inc. and Square Enix Ltd. and their relatives are forbidden from participating in the Nomad Mog Bonanza.
  • You will be ineligible if you do not meet the following requirements:
  • You must have a PlayOnline ID linked to a Square Enix account. If you have not linked your PlayOnline ID with your Square Enix account or you do not have a Square Enix account, please read the details here and apply for the bonanza after completing the necessary procedures.
  • You must have a FINAL FANTASY XI Content ID.
    • However, all members who are still in their free trial period will be ineligible.

Announcement of Winning Numbers

The winning numbers were drawn and announced at VanaFest 2010.

  • Once the numbers were verified, they were also announced in-game via a system message.
Nomad Mog Bonanza I
Price: NO CHARGE, Limit 1 number per account
Winning Numbers:
Rank 1: 59163
Rank 2: 8447
Rank 3: 524
Rank 4: 68
Rank 5: 7

Prize List

Each Nomad Mog Bonanza winner is entitled to an item of their choosing from the list of prizes in the corresponding rank.

Rank 1

Spharai / Mandau / Excalibur / Ragnarok / Guttler / Bravura / Gungnir / Apocalypse / Kikoku / Amanomurakumo / Mjollnir / Claustrum / Annihilator / Gjallarhorn / Yoichinoyumi / Aegis / Terpsichore / Tupsimati / Conqueror / Glanzfaust / Yagrush / Laevateinn / Murgleis / Vajra / Burtgang / Liberator / Aymur / Carnwenhan / Gastraphetes / Kogarasumaru / Nagi / Ryunohige / Nirvana / Tizona / Death Penalty / Kenkonken

Rank 2

Ridill / Hofud / Valkyrie's Fork / Homam Corazza / Nashira Manteel / Ares's Cuirass / Skadi's Cuirie / Usukane Haramaki / Marduk's Jubbah / Morrigan's Robe / Valk. Breastplate / Valkyrie's Coat / Valhalla Helm / Valhalla Brstplate / Black Belt / Velocious Belt / Shadow Mantle / Shadow Ring / Defending Ring

Rank 3

Hauteclaire / Seveneyes / Valk. Gauntlets / Valkyrie's Cuishes / Valk. Sabatons / Valkyrie's Helm / Homam Manopolas / Homam Zucchetto / Homam Cosciales / Homam Gambieras / Nashira Gages / Nashira Turban / Nashira Seraweels / Nashira Crackows / Valkyrie's Cuffs / Valkyrie's Trews / Valkyrie's Clogs / Valkyrie's Hat

Rank 4

Odin Statue

Rank 5

Alexander Statue

  • Rank 4 and rank 5 prizes were announced at VanaFest 2010.
  • Please remember that all prizes won in the Nomad Mog Bonanza are virtual goods and cannot be redeemed for real-world money.

Prize Collection

  • Prizes will be delivered by the Mog House Management Union (MHMU) after the next version update. It may take some time for your prize to be delivered to your delivery box, so please be patient.
  • Please confirm the date of the next version update on the official FINAL FANTASY XI website.
  • Please note that you will lose the right to obtain your prize if any of the following situations occur:
  • You use the World Transfer service before receiving your prize.
  • You select “Return” for the prize delivered from the MHMU.
  • There are over 128 items in your delivery box.
  • The character already possesses the prize chosen, or the character could easily obtain the prize chosen.

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