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General Strategy

This event is very difficult. It requires a large amount of preparation and has rather inflexible job requirements, more so than most other events. Still, this strategy is not designed to tell how how you must do the event. It is designed to tell you what will give you the best chance of reaching Floor 100. At the moment, many of the groups that reach 100 with any regularity have absolutely perfect setups and also use third party modifications like .dat swaps (see below), fillmode, flee hacks, the ability to walk through walls, and so on. Again, this is not to say that it is impossible without those aids, but the event is so difficult that people resort to it.


  • 3-4 heavy DD jobs :: Relics / Empyreans / Mythics recommended. You will be at or near the Haste cap, so 2H jobs are preferred.
  • 0-1 Thieves :: If you are aiming for floor 100 (which I assume you would), you can either sacrifice a little DD power for the utility and Treasure Hunter and Flee of Thief or you can have them go a DD job and clear killing floors a little faster.
  • 2 Scholars with Tabula Rasa up and Embrava :: Have them skill up their Enhancing Magic Skill and try to make a build that caps them at 500 skill. It is currently very difficult to get 500 skill, but you at least want to be over 420 so you can cap magic haste with Embrava + Haste spell. Additionally, it is best if they have all the random gear that Scholars need to fully function as both healers and nukers (which is substantial) except for Helix gear. They also need Savant's Bracers +2.


  • Everyone needs to set up their temp items at the NPC before entering.
  • Reset 2-hour abilities (especially Tabula Rasa) if necessary.
  • Get Sanction with an appropriate bonus.
  • Eat your food, use item reraise if you are so inclined, etc.
  • Everyone should have some form of movement speed +12% (or greater) gear.

Doing the Assault

  • Have your LVP (no temps) be the one who enters the assault (this should be one of the two SCH), and as soon as they get inside they should warp your party up to the first floor. (Choose 100, then 1). They will be the slowest one to enter the assault due to the zoning cutscene.
  • Everyone else gets warped in and grabs their temp items and prepares to get warped up (Reraise if they can, etc.)
    • Body Boost and possibly Sprinter's Drink should quickly be utilized and re-purchased before porting to floor 1 (lasts 15 minutes).
  • Embrava with Accession and Perpetuance on the first floor.
  • One of the SCH should always stay in the immediate vicinity of the Rune of Transfer.
    • Scholars should also attempt to get an En-spell, Regen V, and other useful buffs on the DDs at the start of floors (use stratagems prior to ascending to minimize delay).
  • Do the floors.
    • If you have re-named the lamps in the .dats, they will always be activated in the order of 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 on "order" floors.
    • If you are looking for a specific enemy, it will help to use fillmode. //fillmode will toggle between wireframe and filled modes, and will let you target monsters through walls and check them to see if they are ITG.
    • One of the Scholars will be necessary as extra healing against some NMs, or as a damage source on others (specifically Cardamom Custard).
    • A death on the way up will substantially reduce your chances of getting to floor 100.
  • Select to move up ??? floors every time that you can.

Specific Strategy


  • every participant should have +movement gear (static - like crimson/skadi/strider etc, and "active" - sprinter's shoes)
  • teamspeak for communication to save time
  • silent oils / prism powders / jigs for quick snk/inv
  • temporary items
  • SCH Embrava helps a lot
  • SCH as dedicated healer works OK - Regen V with merits and AF3+2 works ok
  • '/console fillmode 1' used in Windower removes polygons from walls to speed up things
  • modded lamp DATs also help
    • download the file [1]
    • replace ROM4/1/76.DAT
    • this renames the lamps to 1,2,3,4,5
  • you can miss floor 100 by going over it (eg 96 -> jump to floor -> floor 6)
  • average floor clear time should be around 105-110 seconds to reach floor 100

Team setups:

SCH WAR MNK SAM DRG THF = reached floor 80, Slycer [2]

Apoc DRK, Masa SAM, Ukon WAR, Almace BLU, THF, SCH = reached floor 106, Jem [3]

Very Notorious Monsters:

  • Nukku - spams Grating Tantara

Floor types:


Lamps Aid:


Floor stories:

1. Jem [4]

1 - Spec - Dragons - Puk ITG
8 - Leader - Nokko
14 - Spec enemies - Chariots - Avoid Gears (Ukon WAR Died)
22 - Spec - Beasts - Tiger ITG
31 - Spec Enemies - Puddings x5
33 - Kill All - Large Birds
39 - Spec - Dragons - Puk ITG
43 - Lamps - Code
51 - Kill All - Undead + Amorphs + Skull Of Envy
56 - Leader - Nukku - Flurry
65 - Spec - Amorphs - Black Pudding - Do not destroy Gears
69 - Leader - Nekke
76 - Kill All - Demons
84 - Lamps - Same time x5
89 - Kill all - Lizards
97 - Lamps - Same time x5 - Summoning restricted
106 - Kill all - Plantoids + Byakko

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