Odin's Chamber II

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Were you looking for Odin's Chamber or Einherjar Feathers?

Einherjar Chambers
Wing One Wing Two Wing Three
Odin's Chambers
Odin's Chamber
Odin's Chamber II

Slot Item Drop Rate
1 HNM Body Abjuration 100%
2 HNM Non-Body Abjuration 100%
3 Any Einherjar Abjuration 100%
4 HNM or Einherjar Body Abjuration <100%
5 Odin Weapon (0-1) or Armor (0-2) <100%
6 Odin Accessory <100%
Battlefield Information
Location: Hazhalm Testing Grounds Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Smoldering Lamp icon.png Smoldering Lamp Participation: 1-18 Members
Entry Currency: 1 wing from each tier:
Einherjar Feathers
Time Limit: 30 Minutes

Odin Drops:

HNM Abjurations:

Einherjar-specific Abjurations:


  • Entry by each member requires one of the Einherjar Feathers from each tier. Key items are all lost upon entry.
  • Upon entry, Odin is the only enemy.
    • Odin casts various AoE enfeebling spells (Paralyga, Slowga, Silencega, Blindga, Breakga, Sleepga II) as well as AoE Drain and Aspir.
      • <50% HP: Odin also casts AoE Kaustra (extremely powerful DoT, cannot be erased).
    • Odin utilizes the following special attacks:
      • HP-Based
        • Zantetsuken Kai: Heavy short range frontal AoE damage, hate reset (~95% maximum HP)
          • Used immediately when Odin drops below 90%, 70%, 50%, and 30% HP.
          • Odin speaks in the chat log before using Zantetsuken Kai: "My blade shall cleave through thy hollow shell of valor!"
        • Yggr: Temporary intimidation effect against players.
          • Used immediately when Odin drops below 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% HP.
          • Adds are spawned immediately following utilization of this move at 80%, 60%, and 40% HP (no additional adds at 20%).
        • Zantetsuken: AoE instant KO.
          • This move is used if all nine adds are killed as well as when Odin drops below 10% HP.
          • A three line message is displayed in the chat log approximately five seconds before this move is used, starting with "My blade shall feed full on your flesh..."
          • If a player uses the /kneel command (while disengaged) just as the move is about to go off, it will have no effect on them.
      • Normally used TP moves
        • Sanngetall: AoE full dispel (including food, but not including Embrava)
        • Gagnrath: Frontal AoE physical damage & Terror
        • Valfodr: AoE damage, Curse, Silence
        • <50% HP: Geirrothr: AoE distributed Physical Damage damage (scales from 10,000 to over 20,000 total as Odin's HP drops)
          • Damage is best blocked by combinations of damage mitigation such as Earthen Armor, Sentinel's Scherzo, DT-, and PDT-.
          • Also used once automatically when Odin falls below 25% HP.
  • Odin will, during the fight, summon the valkyries below in sets of three beginning at 80% HP. Valkyries are spawned with Yggr at 80%, 60%, and 40% HP.
  • Valkyries have approximately 30-40,000 HP each and do not despawn.
  • Valkyrie hate is independent of Odin once an offensive action is performed on them after spawning.
  • Valkyries have significantly increased movement speed (over +18%).
  • Valkyries will cast various enfeebles and songs (both buffing and debuffing), use their job's 2-hour ability, can hit for 250-400+ damage on normal attacks, and utilize various single target and AoE weapon skills of their weapon type. Jobs can be identified by weapon type (sword: RDM, polearm: DRG, scythe: BRD).

Abilities by Health Percentage

  • 89% Zantetsuken Kai
  • 79% Yggr/Spawns Adds (Set 1)
  • 69% Zantetsuken Kai
  • 59% Yggr/Spawns Adds (Set 2)
  • 49% Zantetsuken Kai | Gains access to Geirrothr and Kaustra
  • 39% Yggr/Spawns Adds (Set 3)
  • 29% Zantetsuken Kai
  • 24% Geirrothr
  • 19% Yggr (No Adds)
  • 9% Zantetsuken


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