Ormolu Ingot

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Ormolu Ingot icon.png Ormolu ingot
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Description: Hailing from a land far to the west, this brass sparkles with such luster that it could easily be mistaken for gold by the untrained eye.
Image: Ormolu Ingot description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box
Stack size: 12
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Materials ➞ Goldsmithing
"Find Ormolu Ingot on FFXIAH" "Find Ormolu Ingot on FFXIDB"

Redeemed From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Dealer Moogle Port San d'Oria (I-9)
Port Bastok (L-8)
Port Windurst (F-6)
Chocobo Circuit (H-8)
Trade a Kupon I-Mat or Key Item Mog Kupon I-Mat

Obtained from Instance...
Zone Entry Item(s) Level Cap Battle Name
Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion Legion tome page: minimus None Legion
Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion Legion tome page: maximus None Legion

Dropped from...
Monster Name Zone Notes
Isarukitsck Uleguerand Range Extremely rare drop in Voidwatch
Vanasarvik Mount Zhayolm Extremely rare drop in Voidwatch

Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Lacryma Sickle Bonecraft 113
Donderbuss Bonecraft 113
Hexed Gambieras Goldsmithing 103
Hexed Coronet Goldsmithing 107
Hexed Gauntlets Goldsmithing 108
Hexed Haubert Goldsmithing 110
Sharur Goldsmithing 113
Ravenous Breastplate Goldsmithing 115
Hexed Hose Leathercraft 110
Razorfury Smithing 113
Pamun Smithing 113
Malfeasance Smithing 115

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