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Category:Paragon Job Card

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Completing every 5 Omen objectives, including killing bosses and any additional objectives, and every 5 zone-ins rewards players with a single Paragon Job Card, based on the current job of the player.
These job cards are used to upgrade Reforged Artifact Armor +1 to their +2 and +3 versions.

Paragon Cards
P. WAR Card icon.png Warrior Card
P. WAR Card description.png
P. MNK Card icon.png Monk Card
P. MNK Card description.png
P. WHM Card icon.png White Mage Card
P. WHM Card description.png
P. BLM Card icon.png Black Mage Card
P. BLM Card description.png
P. RDM Card icon.png Red Mage Card
P. RDM Card description.png
P. THF Card icon.png Thief Card
P. THF Card description.png
P. PLD Card icon.png Paladin Card
P. PLD Card description.png
P. DRK Card icon.png Dark Knight Card
P. DRK Card description.png
P. BST Card icon.png Beastmaster Card
P. BST Card description.png
P. BRD Card icon.png Bard Card
P. BRD Card description.png
P. RNG Card icon.png Ranger Card
P. RNG Card description.png
P. SMN Card icon.png Summoner Card
P. SMN Card description.png
P. NIN Card icon.png Ninja Card
P. NIN Card description.png
P. DRG Card icon.png Dragoon Card
P. DRG Card description.png
P. SAM Card icon.png Samurai Card
P. SAM Card description.png
P. BLU Card icon.png Blue Mage Card
P. BLU Card description.png
P. COR Card icon.png Corsair Card
P. COR Card description.png
P. PUP Card icon.png Puppetmaster Card
P. PUP Card description.png
P. DNC Card icon.png Dancer Card
P. DNC Card description.png
P. SCH Card icon.png Scholar Card
P. SCH Card description.png
P. GEO Card icon.png Geomancer Card
P. GEO Card description.png
P. RUN Card icon.png Rune Fencer Card
P. RUN Card description.png
Players may exchange Paragon Job Cards with Coelestrox for any other job cards at a ratio of 10:1.
You do not need to be on the job the card is for. The card choice is selected after trading.

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