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Job Ability Information
Job Scholar
Type Level  
Level Obtained 10
Description Reduces the MP cost of your next Black Magic spell by 50%
Duration 00:01:00 or next black magic cast, whichever first
Recast Depends on Stratagem charges
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 80
Command /ja "Parsimony" <me>


  • While under the effect of this job ability, matching spells actually cost half.
    • As such, you are only required to have half of the MP to cast the spell.
Example: If a spell costs 22 MP, you will only need to have 11 MP to cast it.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Savant's Pants +1 Forces a Conserve MP proc on top of this ability.
Savant's Pants +2 Forces a Conserve MP proc on top of this ability.
Arbatel Pants Parsimony +3?
Arbatel Pants +1 Parsimony +4?


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