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Perfect Counter

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Job Ability Information
Job Monk
Type Level  
Level Obtained 79
Description Allows you to counter the next attack directed at you.
Duration 00:00:30
Recast 00:01:00
Cumulative Enmity Question Volatile Enmity Question
Command /ja "Perfect Counter" <me>


  • Gives a Third Eye-esque buff that forces a Counter on the next attack directed at you.
    • Can miss, but will still negate the incoming attack.
    • If you would have countered normally (minus the accuracy check), the Perfect Counter buff is not consumed.
  • Has a chance to not wear off after successfully countering an attack, chance is determined by the player's VIT stat (formula is as of yet unknown).
    • Job Points invested into Perfect Counter will increase the VIT modifier, increasing the chances of more than one guaranteed Counter.
  • 100% Critical Hit Rate for Counters that are a result of Perfect Counter.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Tantra Crown +1 Increases the counter Base Damage by 10
Tantra Crown +2 Increases the counter Base Damage by 20
Bhikku Crown Increases the counter Base Damage by 20
Bhikku Crown +1 Increases the counter Base Damage by 25



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