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Job Ability Information
Job Rune Fencer
Type Level  
Level Obtained 40
Description Enhances resistance. The types of resistance enhanced depend upon the runes you harbor.
Duration 2:00
Recast 3:00
Cumulative Enmity 450 Volatile Enmity 900
Command /ja "Pflug" <me> 
Merit Points
Group 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Resistance +1 per rune per merit level.


  • Increases resistance to status ailments of the corresponding rune by 10% per rune.
    • E.g. Three ice runes will grant a 30% resistance to silence. Water runes with Pflug will grant resistance to amnesia.
  • It is assumed that Pflug +x is an additional percent per rune harbored.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Runeist Bottes Pflug +Question
Runeist Bottes +1 Pflug +2
Runeist's Boots +2 Pflug +3
Runeist's Boots +3 Pflug +4


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