Pit Spider I (S)

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San d'Oria Flag.jpg Pit Spider I (S)
 Campaign Type:  Offensive operations
 Start NPC: Rasdinice - Southern San d'Oria (S) - (I-9)
 Campaign Rank: Brass Ribbon of Service §§
 Objective: A report has been received regarding the location of an enemy supply train. You are to travel to Everbloom Hollow via the Vunkerl Inlet, intercept the caravan, and destroy it.
 Time Limit:  None  Recommended Lv.  Any


  • Talk to Rasdinice.
  • Travel to the Beastmen Stand at (J-7) in Vunkerl Inlet.
    • Party of 3 or greater required.
  • Once the party leader has selected to enter, you will be transported into Everbloom Hollow.
  • A line of 3 Orcs will immediately start slowly running towards the exit.
  • Should the Orcish Carrier make it to the end of the area, which is quite large, the mission is failed.
  • Once all three Orcs are defeated, the Mission Objective is complete.
  • Return and talk to Rasdinice for your reward.


  • There seems to be no time limit to how long you can take to get to Everbloom Hollow.
  • All 3 of the Orc are Susceptible to Sleep and Gravity.
  • Repetative stun/sleep/bind is helpful in this battle.
  • The Orc are very weak.
    • Approximately 2500 HP each.
  • The Orcs will warp out if you fail to kill the Carrier quickly enough.


EverbloomHollow 14.jpg

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