Pond Dredger

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Geological Locations
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We've set up a net for you, which may only be brought up once per day (Earth Time). Lounging in the lakelet is the pond dredger, which drags up freshwater fish. It will benefit being baited with different bits, so watch which you use where. - Green Thumb Moogle

  • Raising the dredger will yield 8 items, randomly chosen from every rank up to your current rank.
  • At rank 6, catch slots #4 and #8 change to only yield fish from a special list.

Possible Assistants

  • Kuyin Hathdenna
    • Dredging Decrees
      • "Catch something."
      • Increases amound of fish caught in your Pond Dredger; will yield 1 additional item from the "normal list."
      • "Go after a whopper."
        • Increased likelihood of catching bigger fish in your Pond Dredger; will occasionally yield a Calico Comet in slot #4 or #8.
      • "Aim for a minnow."
        • Increased likelihood of catching smaller fish in your Pond Dredger; will occasionally yield a Calico Comet in slot #4 or #8.


Bait Effect
Sardine Sphere
Bass Sphere
Shrimp Sphere
Super Baitball Sometimes yields Dragoneye and/or Moat Carp Creel

Obtainable Items

Rank Normal

Brass Loach Gavial Fish Gold Carp

Rank Normal Slot 4, 8

(The same options as with rank 6)

Key Items

Upgrade key items can be purchased from Zenicca for bayld, or from Skipper Moogle for gil.

Pond Dredger Key Items
Information Requirements
Name Rank Attained Title Required Coalition Edification Bayld
"A Farewell to Freshwater" 2 Fish from the Pond 3 times 1000
"Water, Water Everywhere!" 3 Fish from the Pond 7 times 3000
"Dredging's No Drudgery" 4 Fish from the Pond 16 times 5000
"All the Ways to Skin a Carp" 5 Fish from the Pond 29 times 7000
"Anatomy of an Angler" 6 Fish from Pond 50 times 9000
"M.H.M.U. Treatise on Fish I" 7 Fish from Pond 80 times 11000

With every upgrade, the pond will become less murky, and more varieties of fish will appear.

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