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Port Bastok

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Connected Zone Port Bastok Arrives at
Airship, Jeuno - Bastok H-8 BastokPort.jpg ?-? Airship, Jeuno - Bastok-map.jpg
Bastok Markets D-11 BastokPort.jpg G-3 BastokMarkets.jpg
North Gustaberg L-6 BastokPort.jpg L-8 North Gustaberg.jpg
Zone Image
Port Bastok-docks.jpg
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Bastok
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Agapito 1 G-6
Aishah 1 F-7
Alib-Mufalib 1 K-7
Argus (NPC) 1 L-7
Bagnobrok 1 I-6
Bartolomeo 1 F-7
Belka 1 E-7
Benita 1 J-6
Blabbivix 1 F-6
Blayne 1 G-6
Bodaway 1 H-8
Brita 1 J-7
Bruno 1 F-7
Carey 1 G-7
Carmelo 1 E-6
Cheh Raihah 1 K-8
Clarion Star 1 K-7 Trust NPC
Corann 1 K-6
Dahjal 1 K-8
Dalba 1 D-7
Dehlner 1 H-5
Denvihr 1 G-7
Dhen Tevryukoh 1 I-6
Dulsie 1 J-12
Eburacon 1 G-6
Ehrhard 1 G-5
Ensetsu 1 I-5
Erich 1 K-11 Abyssea Service NPC
Ernst 1 K-11 Abyssea Service NPC
Evelyn 1 J-7
Evi 1 H-6
Evrain 1 F-7
Ferrol 1 I-7
Flaco 1 E-6
Flying Axe, I.M. 1 L-6
Fo Mocorho 1 J-11
Gallagher 1 I-11
Galvin 1 E-7
Grin 1 G-7
Gudav 1 H-5
Gwinar 1 J-12
Hilda 1 E-6
Ihsan 1 H-6
Ilita 1 E-7
Jabbar 1 F-6
Johanna 1 G-6
Juroro 1 I-8
Kachada 1 J-6
Kaede 1 J-5
Kagetora 1 F-6
Klaus 1 F-7
Name Map Pos. Notes
Kurando 1 H-6
Latifah 1 J-8
Lone Horn 1 G-6
Mathurin 1 F-6
Melloa 1 D-6
Mine Konte 1 D-7
Mokop-Sankop 1 K-8
Mustafa 1 G-7
Nalta 1 K–8
Nicadio 1 L-7
Nokkhi Jinjahl 1 K-8
Numa 1 E-7
Oggbi 1 E-6
Otto 1 E-6
Panana 1 D-7
Patient Wheel 1 F-5
Paujean 1 F-6
Pelinvarde 1 D-7
Powhatan 1 E-6
Pursuivant (Bastok) 1 J-12
Qiji 1 I-7
Rafaela 1 H-6
Raifa 1 D-6
Rajesh 1 G-7
Raving Opossum 1 (J-11) High-Tier Mission Battlefield NPC
Ravorara 1 E-7
Rex 1 I-7
Rin 1 I-6
Romilda 1 I-7
Ronan 1 K-6
Rosswald 1 J-7
Sawyer 1 E-6
Silver Owl 1 F-6
Steel Bones 1 D-8
Styi Palneh 1 I-7
Sugandhi 1 G-7
Suspicious Galka 1 (K-12)
Talib 1 F-6
Tete 1 I-5
Tiger Tooth 1 J-7
Tilian 1 F-8
Tree Talker 1 K-7
Trilok 1 D-6
Valah Molkot 1 J-12
Valeriano 1 K-8
Varden 1 G-7
Vattian 1 G-6
Wurteh 1 J-13
Yazan 1 H-6
Zeldaff 1 H-5
Zoby Quhyo 1 J-7


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
A Discerning Eye (Bastok) Grin G-7 Port Bastok 500 gil
1 A Foreman's Best Friend Gudav H-5 Port Bastok Dog Collar
1 A Lady's Heart Valah Molkot J-12 Port Bastok Exit to any zone within the city of Bastok from Mog House.
6 A Test of True Love Carmelo E-6 Port Bastok 10000 gil
1 Ayame and Kaede Ensetsu I-5 Port Bastok Ninja job unlocked
1 Beauty and the Galka Talib F-6 Port Bastok Zinc Ore
2 Bite the Dust Yazan H-6 Port Bastok 350 gil
1 Eco-Warrior (Bastok) Raifa D-6 Port Bastok 5000 gil
6 Escort for Hire (Bastok) Trilok D-6 Port Bastok Miratete's Memoir
3 Fear of Flying Kurando H-6 Port Bastok Black Silk Neckerchief
2 Forever to Hold Qiji I-7 Port Bastok 300 gil
Ghosts of the Past Oggbi E-6 Port Bastok Beat Cesti
3 Guest of Hauteur Powhatan E-6 Port Bastok Targe
5 Love and Ice Carmelo E-6 Port Bastok Lamia Harp
6 Lovers in the Dusk Carmelo E-6 Port Bastok Siren Flute
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) Alib-Mufalib K-7 Port Bastok Blue invitation card
2 Out of One's Shell Ronan K-6 Port Bastok Monk's Headgear
2 Past Perfect Evi H-6 Port Bastok Scale Mail
1 Shady Business Talib F-6 Port Bastok 350 gil
2 Silence of the Rams Paujean F-6 Port Bastok Purple Belt
The First Meeting Oggbi E-6 Port Bastok Temple Gaiters
1 The Quadav's Curse Corann K-6 Port Bastok Bronze Subligar
3 The Stars of Ifrit Agapito G-6 Port Bastok 2100 gil
The Usual Hilda E-6 Port Bastok Speed Bow
The Walls of Your Mind Oggbi E-6 Port Bastok Asuran Fists
1 The Wisdom of Elders Benita J-6 Port Bastok Traveler's Hat
3 Till Death Do Us Part Romilda I-7 Port Bastok Cotton Gloves
6 Trial by Earth Juroro I-8 Port Bastok See Quest Page
1 Trust: Bastok Clarion Star K-7 Port Bastok Bastok Trust permit
1 Welcome to Bastok Powhatan E-6 Port Bastok Spatha
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

The Bastok Port provides a mix of living quarters, shops and restaurants, plus access to Jeuno via the airship. Warehouses hold the various products arriving and departing via the airships to and from distant lands. Adventurers are advised to use caution in some of the darker areas of the Port, as the Tenshodo are active here and always looking for an easy mark.


  • 2 Game Table targets are available at the Steaming Sheep Restaurant dinner tables at (E-6) for playing the Mini-Game Venture Roll.


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