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Port Jeuno

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Connected Zone Port Jeuno Arrives at
Chocobo Circuit J-8 Port Jeuno.jpg H-8 Chocobo Circuit-map5.jpg
Lower Jeuno E-10 Port Jeuno.jpg K-6 Lower Jeuno.jpg
Qufim Island E-5 Port Jeuno.jpg I-11 Qufim Island-map.jpg
Sauromugue Champaign K-8 Port Jeuno.jpg E-5 Sauromugue Champaign-map.jpg
Zone Image
Port Jeuno header.jpg
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Region Jeuno
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Anneliese 1 H-9
Asolmieu 1 H-7
Avijit 1 H-6
Basmus 1 H-8 Auction House NPC
Buntz 1 H-8
Caffie 1 I-8 Chocobo NPC
Ceno 1 H-7
Chaka Skitimah 1 J-8 Airship Timer
Challoux 1 I-8 Vendor
Cheli 1 H-9
Chudigrimane 1 H-8 Airship Timer
Cumetouflaix 1 F-8
Daju 1 J-7
Dapol 1 J-7
Dhaso Toehprin 1 J-9
Digaga 1 H-8 Delivery NPC
Dohhel 1 F-8 Melody Minstrel
Falak 1 I-8
Funono 1 I-9
Garridan 1 J-8 Item Storage
Gatita 1 H-9
Gaura 1 H-10
Gavin 1 I-7
Gekko 1 H-8 Vendor
Guddal 1 I-7
Haubijoux 1 H-7
Horst 1 H-8 Abyssea Service NPC
Illauvalahaut 1 I-7
Imasuke 1 E-6
Inesh 1 H-9
Jaha Amariyo 1 H-8
Jaipal 1 I-6
Jhuo Halmanzoh 1 J-7
Joachim 1 H-8 Abyssea Service NPC
Karl 1 H-8
Khumo Daramasteh 1 J-8
Kindlix 1 J-7 Vendor
Kochahy-Muwachahy 1 K-8 Gate Guard
Kouang 1 I-8 Auction House NPC
Kuya-Moya 1 I-9
Leffquen 1 J-8 Weather
Name Map Pos. Notes
Leyla 1 H-8 Vendor
Marnie 1 G-8 Useless Map NPC
Moulloie 1 H-7
Najib 1 I-10
Naravime 1 H-7
Narsha 1 J-8 Chocobo NPC
Naurmaire 1 K-8
Nikki 1 H-9
Omiro-Zamiro 1 J-9
Phouminnet 1 H-7
Pitantimand 1 H-7
Pranab 1 H-9
Puhn Dapojal 1 I-9
Purequane 1 H-7 Airship NPC
Pyropox 1 J-7 Vendor
Rachocho 1 J-9
Raging Lion 1 H-8 Airship Timer
Ramicharaux 1 H-8
Red Ghost 1 G-8
Rilve-Hitolve 1 I-8 Auction House NPC
Rinzei 1 I-8
Roupatour 1 H-7
Sagheera 1 J-8 Limbus NPC
Sanosuke 1 H-8
Sapladrepoin 1 I-8
Saprut 1 J-8
Shami 1 H-8 Orb NPC
Shemo 1 H-8 Orb NPC
Silent Lynx 1 H-9
Squintrox Dryeyes 1 G-8
Supiroro 1 J-8 Airship Timer
Tautorie 1 I-7
Tsolag 1 I-7
Veujaie 1 I-8 Delivery NPC
Vikhu Nakuaino 1 I-9
White Beetle 1 H-9
Yon Boskoti 1 J-9
Yurugu-Homurugu 1 E-8 Mog House NPC
Zedduva 1 H-9
Zona Shodhun 1 E-8 Quest NPC


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
- The Circle of Time Imasuke E-6 Port Jeuno Choral Justaucorps
 ? The Antique Collector Imasuke E-6 Port Jeuno Map of Delkfutt's Tower
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

The transportation capital of Vana'diel, the port of Jeuno provides round-the-clock access to the nations of San d'Oria, Windurst and Bastok, along with providing airship service to Kazham. With access by foot to both the Qufim region (via Qufim Island) and the Mindartia Continent (via Sauromugue Champaign, not to mention chocobo stables and access to the Jeuno Auction House, the Jeuno Port provides adventures with unprecedented access to both zones and items.



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