Primal nazar

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Primal nazar

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Type Description
Geas Fete A charm in the shape of an eye designed to ward off evil spirits that can be used to attract the attention of a particular monster residing deep within Escha.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Dremi Escha - Ru'Aun Primary + Secondary + Tertiary + Quaternary + Quinary + Senary + Septenary + Octonary + Nonary + Denary nazar
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Geas Fete Warder of Courage


Primal Nazar Key Item Creation

Eschan Portal Notorious Monster Eschan Family Monsters Key Item Drop
#1 Warder of Temperance Eschan Zdei Primary nazar
#3 Warder of Fortitude Eschan Ghrah Secondary nazar
#12 Warder of Faith Eschan Euvhi Tertiary nazar
#6 Warder of Justice Eschan Xzomit Quaternary nazar
#1 Warder of Hope Eschan Phuabo Quinary nazar
#9 Warder of Prudence Eschan Hpemde Senary nazar
Any* Warder of Love Eschan Yovra Septenary nazar
#4 Warder of Dignity Eschan Limule Octonary nazar
#13 Warder of Loyalty Eschan Clionid Nonary nazar
#7 Warder of Mercy Eschan Murex Denary nazar
  • Warder of Love is a Yovra NM, and can be popped from any place there is a Yovra.

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