Promathia Mission 4-3

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The Secrets of Worship
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Justinius, Tavnazian Safehold - (J-6)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Now that you have learned the Wyrmking's plan, you must travel to the fourth mothercrystal. Nag'molada has informed you where the stone lies. However, you will need the amulet you lent to Prishe before you are to make your way there.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Savage Slanderous Utterings

Note: Previously this mission required multiple players to complete.

The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 50.


  • Speak with Justinius at (J-6) on the top floor of the Tavnazian Safehold
  • Proceed to the Walnut Door at (K-7) just up the ramp from Justinius.
  • Travel to (G-4) in Misareaux Coast (Alternatively Use Homepoint #1). Check the Iron Gate for a cutscene and enter the Sacrarium.
  • Once inside, head to the maze section near the entrance.
    • The maze changes based on the day, but if you move in a general southeast direction, you should make it through with no problem.
  • After the maze you will need to kill Fomors until you obtain a a Rare-Icon.gif/Ex-Icon.gif key called a Coral Crest Key.
    • If you are not planning on using a Temple Knight key then you should have a party member hold a second Coral Crest Key.
    • Alternatively, if you have more than one player, you can farm a single Coral Crest Key and leave a member to man the switch on the inside. This member will require switching out to get their Reliquiarium key later.
  • Once you have acquired the keys, head east and then north when you see a Taurus. You may wait til it turns away and you can pass behind it safely.
  • On the east side of this hall are 2 more halls lined with 6 skeletons each. If they are not defeated then they will link with Keremet after engaging him.
    • Keremet may use Charm so be ready to sleep charmed people, or have multiple tanks. If you take too long killing Keremet, the skeletons that were just killed will repop and run in the room to join the fight so take him down quickly.
  • Keremet drops another key called Sealion Crest Key.
  • Make sure someone takes it that will not be using a a Coral Crest Key to open the door later.
  • Head to (H-7) in Sacrarium to find a large door with 2 keyholes. Have one of your party members with a Coral Crest Key trade it to the small keyhole and when a click is heard, the person with the Sealion Crest Key should trade it to the larger keyhole.
  • The Coral Crest Key will break upon use and you have a very small amount of time to trade the second key after the first has been traded.
    • If you should lose the key, you will have to kill Fomors to get another one.
  • Head to the Wooden Gate at (G-8) for a cutscene and then return through the large door you entered with.
  • Straight across from this door is a classroom full of Fomors and a ??? at the desk on the far side of the room. There are 6 total rooms like this in Sacrarium, 3 on the north side, and 3 on the south side. Check the ??? in this room to attempt to pop the NM Old Professor Mariselle.
  • All six rooms have a ??? at the desk but only one will pop the NM so it may take a little running around to find the right one.
  • After you pop Old Professor Mariselle, he will spawn 2 helper ghosts called Mariselle's Pupil. They are weak so you shouldn't worry about them. Mariselle will periodically warp around the room so keep an eye on him. After he is dead, everyone check the ??? to get the Key Item:Reliquiarium key
  • Head back to the large door with the 2 keyholes at (H-7) and repeat the process of Coral key in the small hole, hear a click, then Sealion key in the large hole. After the door is open, head to the Wooden Gate for a cutscene and the end of the mission.
Sacrarium Map 1
Sacrarium Map 2

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