Promathia Mission 5-2

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Desires of Emptiness
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Promyvion - Vahzl
Title Frozen Dead Body
Repeatable No
Description The Emptiness has trapped you and your companions. You must find them before you are able to continue your journey into the depths of Promyvion.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Enduring Tumult of War Three Paths
Light of Vahzl


Note: With the lifting of the level cap in Promathia areas, this quest is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 50.

Useful Items to bring:
  • Reraise, as usual
  • HP and MP regen Drinks
  • Any Animas you may have (the same animas as were used in previous Promyvion areas, obtained through the same quest)
  • Potions, Ethers, and possibly Icarus Wing
  • As with the first three Promyvions, moving to the next level requires locating and killing a Memory Receptacle.
  • In addition to the Memory Receptacle, there are Memory Fluxes on levels 3, 4, and 5 that spawn NM's that you must defeat in order to advance.
  • Make sure you get the cutscene at the Memory Flux on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors:
    • Third Floor:
      • Make your way to the Memory Flux at (J-8), to the northwest.
      • When your party is ready, check the flux to spawn a Propagator.
      • Defeat it and check the flux again for a cutscene.
      • Locate the Memory Receptacle and move to the 4th level.
    • Fourth Floor:
      • Travel straight east to the Memory Flux at (M-6). Check it to spawn a Solicitor.
      • Defeat it, check the flux for a cutscene and locate the Memory Receptacle to move on.
    • Fifth Floor:
      • The Memory Flux is at (D-6), northwest of the starting point.
      • Click The flux to spawn a Ponderer.
      • After defeating it, check the flux for a cutscene.
  • Zone into the uncapped area Spire of Vahzl at (F-8).
    • If you do not defeat all the three Memory Flux NMs and get the cutscenes at the Memory Fluxes, you will not be able to cross to the Web of Recollections within the Spire of Vahzl.

Use this time to rest and go over strategies. When your party is ready, click on the Web of Recollections and enter the battlefield "Desires of Emptiness". Buffs will wear when entering so wait until you are inside

Promyvion - Vahzl

Boss Fight

  • After defeating the bosses, return to the Metalworks and speak with Cid.
Area Name Boss Name Abilities Notes
Spire of Vahzl

Procreator, Cumulator, and Agonizer

  • Procreator:
    • Fission: Spawns an Offspring.
    • Vanity Drive: Directional AoE damage.
    • Spirit Absorption: Drains about 200 HP from the target. Blinkable with 1-2 shadows.
    • Promyvion Barrier: Defense boost.
    • Stygian Flatus: AoE Paralyze.
    • Quadratic Continuum: Single target damage.
  • Cumulator:
    • Brain Spike: Single-target damage
    • Carousel: AoE damage
    • Promyvion Brume: AoE damage, Poison, and resets hate
    • Empty Crush: Single-target damage
    • Impalement: Single-target damage
  • Agonizer:
    • Shadow Spread: Sleepga/Cursega/Blindga; Poison Potions highly recommended to counter this.
    • Negative Whirl: Medium-high AoE damage plus Slow, strips shadows.
    • Winds of Promyvion: Erases a single debuff from itself
    • Stygian Vapor: Short range AoE Plague.
    • Trinary Tap: Absorbs up to 3 buffs from a single target
    • Trinary Absorption: Absorbs a large amount of HP (~200-300) from a single target
  • Despite the name change, these bosses are essentially the same as the bosses in the 3 previous Promyvions so the same basic rules still apply.
  • When you are fighting one of the 3 and get it to about 20% health, the next one in line will come at you. This is a good place to use any anima you may have. Use the anima on the approaching boss to keep it busy while you finish off the first one.
  • You can also use Shadowbind on the next mob to hold it in place while you finish the first off.
  • Of the 3, Agonizer usually presents the biggest challenge. Fighting it first while you are still at full strength is a good idea, just remember to not buff the tank or use food until it is dead.

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