Promathia Mission 8-2

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A Fate Decided
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi - Particle Gate - (H-8)
Title None
Repeatable No
Previous Mission Next Mission
Garden of Antiquity When Angels Fall

NOTE: You cannot save progress on this mission. If you wipe without a way to reraise or otherwise have to quit, you have to start from the beginning. (At 99/ilevel the escort takes 30-40 minutes solo).


  • Examine the eastern Particle Gate at (H-8) in the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi for a cutscene that starts the mission. Examine it again to enter.
  • Make your way through the Palace clockwise activating the proper escorts to reach the Cermet Portal at H-8 on the lower level.
    • On your way through, you will run into Particle Gates that will not open. Find a nearby Cermet Alcove and check the Alcove to spawn a Quasilumin NPC. It will then progress on a pre-determined route. You can stop and start the Quasilumin much like the NPCs found in the escort quests.
      • You have to protect the Quasilumin while it travels to its destination. Keep the Quasilumin alive and it will open Particle Gates along its way. It will eventually reach another Cermet Alcove and once there, check the NPC again and it will open the final gate.
    • Quasilumins which are not on the move are used to get the map of the Grand Palace. If you talk to all ten, talking to one again will give you a map of this area.
    • Complete Route:
      • Map 1 (Upper Level, M1) J-8 escort (5 minute limit).
      • Map 1 L-7 transporter.
      • Map 2 (Basement Level, M2) L-8 escort (30 minute limit).
      • Map 2 I-10 escort (30 minute limit).
      • Map 2 G-12 transporter.
      • Map 1 G-10 escort (40 minute limit).
        • People who have already completed When Angels Fall can join you at this point by taking the west door from the lobby.
      • Map 1 G-4 transporter.
      • Continue on to Map 2 H-8 for the NM fight.
  • Enter the room and examine another Cermet Portal to spawn an Ix'ghrah. It is capable of using all 4 forms: ball, bird, spider, and human.
    • Soloable around level 80+ with Trust, trivial at Item Level.
    • The spider form is easily damaged by both physical and magical attacks, but it is also the most dangerous form to your tank.
      • This form uses Mighty Strikes and Sickle Slash (ignores Utsusemi, high damage if it crits).
    • The bird form is hard to hit with weapons but takes lots of damage from magic.
    • The orb form takes more damage from weapons and less from magic.
      • This form casts -ga III spells based on its element. It uses Manafont and Hexidiscs.
    • The humanoid form doesn’t take much damage at all, but doesn’t do much either.
  • Defeat it, then examine the Cermet Portal again for another cutscene.
  • Return to the palace entrance and examine the Gate of the Gods to enter The Garden of Ru'Hmet.
Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi - Map 1 - Ground Floor
Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi - Map 2 - Basement

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